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WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu


WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu

By Staff Reporter

They did this by estimating that 10% of the World population (780 million) has been infected, as the inflated number of deaths hit 1.064 million.

“Our current best estimates tell us that about ten percent of the global population may have been infected by this virus. This varies depending on country, it varies from urban to rural, it varies between different groups.” – Dr. Ryan, WHO

That’s an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of 0.136%, far less than their earlier estimate of 0.6% IFR!

The actual number of deaths by this disease, if indeed any have died from it, is MUCH less than that, when you consider that many have died from clear alternate causes but still recorded as Covid-19.

It’s estimated that only 6% of the inflated number of deaths didn’t die from those clear alternate causes or had no other co-morbidities, such as Cardiac Disease, Cancer, Etc.

6% of 0.136% = 0.0082%

This means that from those infected, the number of deaths amount to:

0.0082 from 100, or

0.082 from 1,000, or

0.82 from 10,000, or

8.2 from 100,000, or

That’s 82 from 1 Million infected!


And with the median age of those dying being OVER that of the life expectancy age, just imagine how many of those 82 in a Million have actually died from OLD AGE?!

People die. It’s a sad reality of life itself. Did we stop believing in people dying from old age?

At what point do you stop and think about this “pandemic” and realise the truth?

At what point do you open your eyes to the fact we’ve been played?

At what point will you stop being “selfish” as to not think about the death and destruction the lockdowns are causing to those who have committed suicide? What about those who have lost everything? Their homes? Their businesses? Their jobs and livelihoods? Their time with elderly loved ones? Their ability to hold and hug their mother at their father’s funeral? Their ability to visit their dying parents? Etc.

At what point will you see the brutality some are experiencing because they’re trying to voice this to you and everyone else, to show you the deception?

You’re okay with all of that?

For something that is literally no worse than the seasonal influenza?

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