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What Is “Vaxine Misinformation”?


What Is “Vaxine Misinformation”?

By Lift the Veil

Here’s what others had to say:

Nikki Loves
The fact that we are speaking of government censorship so freely is nauseating!

Kevin Burnes
Let them talk and prove their science wrong. That’s the thing the left can’t argue the science so they go straight to personal attacks.

rhonda girard
What pregnant woman would allow Moderna to experiment on their unborn child with a still experimental drug?

Kevin Burnes
Leaving the jab manufactures data sheet blank within the packaging of jab breaks informed consent…. no??

Ananda Devi
9000 deaths so far from injuries. Thousands of injuries world wide. Everyone knows this jab is a monstrous poison. Omg no one watches cnn.

Robbin Papalucas
How can one make an informed choice when the information given by government approved agencies are the arbitrators of misinformation along with blatantly deceiving the public intentionally. 🐯😎🎉

That dozen will go down as hero’s of truth. The dirty dozen are the main stream news. Just my opinion from 20 years of research.

kung Few
They don’t even pretend anymore that free speech is everyones right, historically a lot of violence will come next.

Free Thought Domain
History always seems to glorify the “rebels” in the long run. Those who stood up to the tyrants or disobeyed the rule of law put in place by the tyrants. These are our rebel hero’s of the future 💕

Nathen, brother it’s always good to see you my friend please take care of yourself. Thank you for your awesome work..

Honestly, your reports on YouTube are my favorite.The algorithms require amazing creativity to get your message out, and it’s always entertaining. It makes you weigh every word.

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