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The Side-Effects of Vaccines



Side-Effects of Vaccines

The Australian government has used its emergency powers from the COVID19 situation to mandate the flu vaccine for many people (from 1 May 2020). It has done this even though the flu vaccine does not cover the COVID19 strain of coronavirus and without providing any scientific evidence to justify this policy.

Flu vaccines are not proven to be either safe or effective for every person. It is also of concern that neither doctors nor the government are required to list the ingredients of vaccines or the the side-effects that the pharmaceutical companies have listed on the package information for over 40 years.

In Australia the science on vaccines and the control of infectious diseases has been censored for the last decade. Here is the presentation I gave at the Censorship of the Vaccination Debate forum that was held in Sydney in 2018.

Fully informed consent to vaccination without coercion is a requirement for good ethical conduct of medical doctors. Yet in Australia the medical regulatory board for doctors (AHPRA) prevents doctors from providing information and professional opinion on vaccination if it is not endorsed by the ‘accepted science’ as decided by the regulatory board – AHPRA: an elite group of medical professionals. Doctors who breach AHPRA’s guidelines are threatened with de-registration.

This stipulation removes the autonomy of doctors to make a professional opinion on vaccines based on their assessment of the complete body of medical literature. This is called a ‘medical tyranny’ and due to the structure of our political system in Australia this has led to doctors promoting the government’s vaccination policies, that are not in the patient’s best interest due to their individual genetics and the lack of proven safety of vaccines.

That is, Australian doctors are now in breach of the basic tenet of medicine and they are causing serious harm in the population due to the regulations enforced by their regulatory board that controls their registration to practice medicine.

I will provide below the wording from the safety leaflet for FluQuadri vaccine that describes the risks associated with flu vaccines that have now been mandated for many Australians to participate in employment or to visit their family and friends.

A flu vaccine is not completely safe or effective and the public is entitled to be informed of this fact.

 Here are the serious side effects listed by the pharmaceutical companies for Influenza vaccines:

inflammation of nerves leading to weakness, such as weakness of facial muscles (facial palsy)

visual disturbance (optic neuritis/ neuropathy)

fainting (syncope)


tingling or numbness of hands or feet (paraesthesia)

temporary inflammation of nerves causing pain

paralysis and sensitivity disorders (Guillain Barre syndrome [GBS])

fits (convulsions) with or without fever

severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)

temporary reduction in the number of blood particles called platelets (thrombocytopenia)

swollen glands in neck, armpit or groin (lymphadenopathy)

All vaccines are also a known cause of auto-immune diseases that can appear months or years after the vaccines are given. For example, Kawasaki disease (vasculitis), Crohn’s disease, Multiple-Sclerosis, Arthritis and many more. Yet doctors are getting away with telling patients they “do not know what causes these diseases” and when these diseases develop doctors are telling parents that “a virus has caused the disease” and they ignore the vaccines that are the most plausible cause of these illnesses.

Scientists are re-naming this inflammatory syndrome that is similar to Kawasaki disease as ‘paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome’ or PIMS-TS and suggesting that it is being caused by a ‘virus’ and associating it with COVID19.

The medical field of disease diagnosis is being manipulated by the medical-industry complex to promote the use of vaccines by abusing the trust that patient’s have in doctors and government’s to be promoting health policies that are in the public’s best interest.

Why are government’s permitted to promote coercive and mandatory medical interventions without fully informing the public of the ingredients of vaccines and their documented serious side-effects in humans?

Refusing Vaccinations without Penalty 

  1. If you are being coerced or forced into having a vaccine to keep your job or to visit your friends/relatives are the forms to use for Refusal and Indemnity of Mandatory/Coercive Vaccination
  2. Here is the evidence that you need to win this case in court – US Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit. This document is proof that there has been no quality control of the safety and efficacy of vaccines for 32 years. Neither the US government nor the Australian government have provided reports/studies showing evidence of safety of vaccines during this time. This has wide ramifications for the Australian government’s coercive  vaccination policies. This is a document that can support any legal action to make the government accountable for the lies that have been told to parents about vaccine safety and efficacy for over 32 years.
  3. My book “Vaccination: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom” describes this medical tyranny in more detail and the use of the mainstream media to present propaganda on this topic.

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