The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia Today

The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia Today
  • Brazil just launched a new bill that will send parents to prison for refusing to vaccinate their children. Anyone publicly questioning vaccines will also be sent to prison.
  • In Samoa, a mandatory mass vaccination campaign is happening right now with the order not to publicly question vaccine safety and one activist was arrested for giving vitamins A & C to children.
  • In the United States, WI, NJ, CT and MA are all under attack and could lose their exemptions to vaccines.
  • The LA Times has published stories targeting parents who homeschool unvaccinated children.
    Medical doctors in California are being persecuted or prosecuted for writing medical exemptions.
  • In New York adults are fined $1,000 for refusing the MMR vaccine. Also in New York: A99 – a bill that would send vaccine refusers to detention camps.
  • In the EU, plans are underway to have a vaccine passport by 2022.
  • In Argentina adults must comply with vaccine mandates to get their driver’s license, senior citizen benefits, passports, etc.
  • Pediatricians deny vaccine injury while medical examiners refuse to test for vaccines as a cause of death during autopsies, even when death is within 24 hours of vaccination.
  • Mainstream media has launched aggressive campaigns to force vaccinate every man, woman and child on earth while the Democrats in the USA continue to demand the same. Autism is 1 in 36 and predicted to be 1 in 2 by 2032 at its current rate of increase.
  • Vaccine skeptics are currently heavily censored, but, the writing is on the wall that jail time will be waiting for them in the future.
  • OUR GENERATION is the only generation that has any chance of stopping the plan to force vaccinate every living creature on earth. NOW is the time to get involved if you do not want your children and their children to be vaccinated with a hundred toxic shots by force. Because for me, it is clear as day that humanity is doomed if we don’t stop this assault on humanity by the liability-free vaccine industry. I am of the opinion that the ONLY way to stop this is if we reach critical mass in consciousness about the dangers of vaccines since the governments have been hijacked by Pharma.
  • The people must reject it, and I believe this is why jail time is now the plan for those who speak out against vaccines. So my question to you is this:

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