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So What Changes after you have the Covid 19 Jab!? There will still be “Testing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing and Isolation”


So What Changes after you have the Covid 19 Jab!? There will still be “Testing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing and Isolation”.

By Allona Lahn

So what changes after you have the Covid 19 jab!? There will still be “testing, quarantine, contact tracing and isolation”. You will need to “practice good hygiene, physically distance, limits for public gatherings and isolate if you need to” Regardless of Vaccination “before you travel interstate you should check with your local state and territory website for directives, hotspot information and travel restrictions”.

“Will I be exempt from quarantine if vaccinated? NO. And if travelling internationally passengers MUST be tested 72 hours prior to travel and show a negative test result at time of check in.”

So get Vaccinated… BUT nothing is going to change other than you compromising your immune system with untested, genetically engineered coding, that is designed to stimulate an immune response with no stop button, no guarantee of stopping transmission or stopping you from getting Covid and comes with a long list of side effects!

And the Government is proud to say they are “NOT pursuing a no fault Covid 19 Vaccine injury compensation scheme”, so if you are injured you are on your own!
Join the experiment!

The trial date not ending till 2023… Nothing Changes other than risking your health and DNA, meanwhile we are still tracked, restricted, segregated, isolated, quarantined, masked, sanitised and at the mercy of a psychopathic, corrupt, broke Government that don’t care about you or your health.



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