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Say No To Vaccine Passports


Say No To Vaccine Passports.

By One Nation

Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

Say No To Interstate Vaccine Passports

Let’s be absolutely clear on this. One Nation opposes this Liberal/National vaccine passport push and will work to see it scrapped.”

Floating the idea on national television and trying to have bet each way bringing in the states, shows an appalling lack of leadership by the Prime Minister.
It could even be seen as fear mongering designed to force people to have the vaccine.
It confirms just how out of touch Scott Morrison and his government are with the opinions of the overwhelming majority of Australians on this issue.
If you want to send a clear message to Scott Morrison and the Liberal/Nationals coalition then please sign this petition and demand the Government abandon its vaccine passport push.


Scott Morrison has announced plans to implement an interstate travel ban for Australians who have not received a vaccine passport.

This push by the Prime Minister represents an unacceptable erosion of the rights and civil liberties of law-abiding Australians and must not be allowed to proceed.

One Nation has announced it opposes the Prime Minister’s vaccine passport push and will work to see it scrapped, will you join the call?

Add your name to the petition and demand the Government abandon its vaccine passport push.

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