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By John

This is a very serious issue that we all need to act on now. This is a message from a Qantas employee that was sent to a dear friend.

This is so important and should be taken very seriously

… can you publish Alan Joyce’s email and encourage everyone to write to him just a quick email 10s or 1000 emails need to be sent to him NOW. Please spread the word and please write a quick email yourself but encourage people, especially frequent flyers to send an email to Alan Joyce. If you know any Frequent flyer It’s so important immediately that you contact them asking them to contact AJ stating that a vaccine to travel should be choice ALWAYS, not mandated.

It’s important we get momentum on this.

As you know being an employee of QF I cannot be seen publicly to be doing this

I have some intel on the Qantas mandate for vax but I can’t comment as I’ll surely lose my job. Qantas was visited by Jane Halton some weeks ago. She is one of the most satanic public servants I know. She’s on the board of the Covid Advisory Board. Basically, she gave Qantas an ultimatum.. get all employees and passengers in masks and require vaccination certificates for O/S travel and we will allow you to resume international operations. Masks became mandatory for employees within 5 days of her visit, cloth masks are being made and we are told we will need to wear them as a ‘uniform item’ for 2 years.

Vaccines for employees are going to be part of the new work agreement and passenger vaccine Certs to travel by midway through next year . The only way around this is to be very vocal and write into the company expressing your non consent for travel vaccination. I’ve been with this company for over 30 years and I can tell you boycotting them after the fact won’t help. but I have seen many proposed changes fall over when customers wrote in and expressed their concerns.

They want customers and they will listen, especially as they are vulnerable right now. But it must be now not later! Share this with anyone but please erase my name. Thanks


Dear Sir

I wish to object to the proposed Qantas policy to mandate passengers undergo covid vaccination before being permitted to fly for several reasons.

1. If vaccination protects people from catching covid then vaccinated passengers are not endangered by unvaccinated passengers so the policy is nonsensical.
2. The policy violates the law specifically the UN Civil & Political human rights & Australian Constitution which clearly say people must be free to choose whether to access medical treatment; there should be no coercion or denial of services. By adopting such a policy the airline opens itself up to prosecution for human rights violations & discrimination.
3. The policy will discriminate against those who choose not to vaccinate. There are many reasons why people don’t vaccinate including medical reasons such as allergies and heart conditions.
4. The vaccine manufacturers are immune from prosecution and providing compensation for anyone damaged by their vaccines. Would you fly with an airline that would refuse compensation to customers for damages? Why would you insist people vaccinate who aren’t prepared to take a risky medical procedure especially when millions of dollars every year is spent in litigation for vaccination damage.
5. The policy violates privacy laws which state people’s medical records should not be divulged without consent or coercion.

Please let me know if Qantas will persist with this policy mandating customer vaccination or if they intend to rescind this policy.

I will not be flying Qantas even if i am vaccinated for covid if Qantas persists in instituting such an unlawful discriminatory and illogical policy.

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