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It’s Your Responsibility if You Die From BS 19 Vax Because It’s Your Choice To Have It


It’s Your Responsibility if You Die From BS 19 Vax Because It’s Your Choice To Have It

By New Zealand Times

Straight from the horses (prime ministers) mouth. “it’s your responsibility if you die from COVID vaccine because it’s YOUR choice to have it” … so how is that possible that all health care workers etc HAVE to have it?? Basically you must get the jab to keep your job etc. but if you are killed or disabled it was your choice and nobody’s liable!! … how ppl can go for this bs is beyond me ?? 😔😔😔


Here’s what others had to say:

JF Catz
We say NO! Keep pushing your jab back n health workers & The hospital system will collapse .

Zita Bush
How are they even supporting informed consent… they are not

Andrew Davenport
At 107 108 he throws in a sneaky yet listen carefully

Andrew Davenport
In relation to the general population YET

Maha Al Musa
I made a comment on this press conference about that and why create passports and punish people
Makes no sense !

Kathy Mills
Communist Freemason. Listen/look at his body language. Sold his soul and sold our country.

Jane Johnson
Scott Morrison (ScoMo) wolf in sheep’s clothing…

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