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How to protect health freedoms in challenging times


How to protect health freedoms in challenging times.

By Elizabeth Case, Informed Medical Options Party

As the rates of chronic disease increase, * more and more people are turning to natural therapies as a means of reversing and supporting chronic health conditions. As conventional medicine fails at identifying and treating the root cause of disease, everyday people have been forced to find their own answers to the health issues they are desperately trying to manage.

Many people are now becoming aware of the devastating effects of toxicity on the human body – ranging from harsh chemicals in everyday household and personal care products to food grown with pesticides and chemical fertilisers and an industrialised food system. On reflection, our removal from the natural world has been swift and all encompassing.

Add to this, the bombardment into our bodies of pharmaceuticals and the ever-increasing vaccination schedule as the only way of achieving health, and people are now questioning this toxic soup that we call life.

Armed with a different view to health, a thirst for further knowledge and with a mission to help others, a movement has been born. The natural health community is now thriving and consists of people from all backgrounds and experiences who have come together with a common goal – to return to traditional practices, which are wholistic and organic in nature, to heal the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Although this movement is growing exponentially, it is not without its hurdles. In an ideal world, advocating for a more natural approach to health would be very straight forward – an interconnected structure comprising functional medicine, natural therapies and nutritional education to provide a true ‘health’ care system in times of need.

However, what we are experiencing is the demonisation of anyone with an alternative view to what public health authorities dictate healthcare to be. On top of that, many natural therapy modalities are being specifically targeted and claimed as ineffective.

Our community, even though it is growing, is being threatened by the mainstream bodies who benefit financially from people being sick. It is very clear that our medical freedom of choice is under serious attack, and it has never been a more critical time to stand up and protect the rights of those seeking an alternative approach to managing their health.

With the erosion of rights and constant creep towards medical tyranny, the community has come together to form one voice. A voice for the people who take responsibility for their health and value medical freedom of choice. A voice for the people who want to see an end to our toxic existence and a future of cleaner, more sustainable living for generations to come.

This voice is called the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP). The people have decided to take their voice to this year’s Queensland State Election and IMOP will be their voice.

If you would like to know more about IMOP by viewing the policies, becoming a member or donating to the Queensland campaign, please visit

It is time for our voice to be heard.


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