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Evening News Bulletin 2 April 2024


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In this bulletin,

  • The Prime Minister demands accountability over the killing of an Australian aid worker in Gaza;
  • Claims the youth curfew in Alice Springs may be unlawful;
  • And in boxing, a rematch offer for Australian superstar Tim Tszyu.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said the killing of an Australian aid worker by an Israeli air strike in Gaza is “completely unacceptable”.
The Australian woman believed to have been killed is Zomi Frankcom, an aid worker with international food relief charity World Central Kitchen.
She was one of five aid workers who were killed while helping to deliver food and aid supplies to northern Gaza.
The other workers have are believed to be of British, Polish and Palestinian origin.
The Prime Minister offered his condolences to Ms Frankcom’s family and says he expects full accountability for her killing.
“This is someone who volunteered in Australia to help people during the bushfires. This is someone who was volunteering overseas to provide aid through this charity for people who are suffering tremendous deprivation in Gaza. And this is just completely unacceptable. Australia expects full accountability for the deaths of Aid workers. Aid workers, and those doing humanitarian work. And indeed, all innocent civilians need to be provided with protection.”
The Department of Foreign Affairs says they are now seeking information about social media and other reports of Ms Frankcom’s death.
The Northern Territory Police union says the enforcement of a two-week youth curfew in Alice Springs may be unlawful.
The Northern Territory Police Association says they’ve received advice that the Emergency Management Act 2013, which is the legal basis for the NT government’s emergency measure, does not allow for the enforcement of the curfew.
President of the NTPA, Nathan Finn, says this leaves officers at risk of acting unlawfully.
“Our concerns is that the Emergency Management Act, which the ministers relied on to claim these powers is potentially unlawful, and putting our members in a situation where they’re actually going to be acting unlawfully. We don’t mean to be obviously critical of the decisions by this government, but we’ve seen time and time again that our members are the last thing they’re thinking about. They’re putting this legislation forward, they’re making them do this work. We’re saying that we don’t support the legislation which they’ve come across, and we’re trying to protect our members to make sure they’re supported in doing what they need to do.”
The youth curfew, in place from 6pm to 6am each night, follows an eruption of violence last Tuesday where up to 150 people were involved with brawls following the death of a teenager in a car accident.
NT Chief Minister Eva Lawler says she welcomes any potential legal challenges to the government’s emergency declaration.
Australia’s first draft National Autism Strategy aims to address issues faced by autistic people throughout their lives.
The strategy outlines four key areas for improvement: in health, economic and social inclusion, as well as services and support.
Autistic people’s life expectancy is 20 years shorter than the general population, and they are nine times more likely to die from suicide.
Co-chair of the Oversight Council for the National Autism Strategy, Clare Gibellini, says the strategy will address issues for autistic people of all ages.
“It’s a whole of life thing, and that’s what we’re kind of trying to hope to address through this strategy is supports and better outcomes across, not just for younger people, but right across the lives of Autistic folk.”
The final strategy and first action plan will be released by the end of the year.
Sebastian Fundora’s team is pledging to offer Australian superstar Tim Tszyu a rematch of the two warriors’ world championship battle in Las Vegas.
Tszyu’s immediate future has been uncertain since he relinquished his WBO super-welterweight belt to Fundora in a controversial split-decision defeat on Sunday.
The Australian was cruelly denied the chance to fight fair and square after walking into an elbow from the American and suffering a gruesome head gash.

Tszyu virtually battled on blindly for 10 rounds at T-Mobile Arena and was even awarded a 116-112 victory by one of the judges.

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