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Big Pharma has no effective cure for Ebola, and essentially, by definition, there can never be a cure for a virus except by natural antibodies. (Drugs don’t “kill” viruses as they might “kill” bacteria).

There are two ways to get there. One is by administration of convalescent serum, which only offers very temporary protection by the donor’s immune protein. The other is by vaccine.

By admission, vaccines cannot be safe.

In the USA, our government has given vaccine makers immunity against lawsuits that might otherwise be brought against them by the thousands of children injured by FORCED vaccination.

So, we know for sure that vaccines are not safe. (Injuries include autism and behavioral and immune disorders).

Well, wouldn’t you know. Our government has just declared (without an act of Congress, mind you) that Ebola vaccine makers will also have immunity.

And, our head of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, has asked the international community to do the same. “As a global community, we must ensure that legitimate concerns about liability do not hold back the possibility of developing an Ebola vaccine, an essential strategy in our global response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa,” she said in a statement.

Drug companies are “racing” says Fox News to develop an Ebola vaccine. Now they’ll move at light speed, free from vaccine damage liability.

Now on the vaccine front, news of the past several weeks suggests that the vaccine has generated an antibody response.

That does not directly translate into effectiveness. We won’t know until rulers impose the vaccine on populations (possibly here in the USA also?) and see if Ebola continues to tear through those vaccinated.

You can’t openly test effectiveness morally. You have to wait and see if diseases eventually develops, and that can take years.

But now we have important news (BBC 12-11-14) that a clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine in Switzerland (motherland of some major Pharma companies) has actually been halted.

Some subjects complained of joint pains in their hands and feet. Four of 59 volunteers experienced said pains, and that they were being monitored to ensure that the symptoms were only “temporary”. What happens if they are not? In fact, what happens to any of us if we suffer from a vaccine?

Once your immune system is deranged, it might not fully recover. Just ask those injured by MMR or even Gardasil (HPV virus vaccine).

Ask if PHAMRA would be “rushing” to develop a vaccine out of the goodness of their hearts, or if the reason is to make bazillions when governments mandate that their citizens get the vaccine.

So, let’s connect one final dot.

Remember that the WHO has sanctioned studies on a very DANGEROUS drug, amiodarone, for Ebola when the initial study showed it did nada.

Yet the WHO and all those allegedly acting to protect the lives of susceptible people in West Africa and elsewhere from this lethal pathogen steadfastly ignore ozone therapy. Ozone- a tried and true therapy, officially accepted in Germany and other European countries, with a 100% safety record. And published effects that it might effectively combat all the known effects the Ebola virus does to our bodies. Hmmm.

Once again, I leave it to you to connect the dots. Please know that I am not here to discuss the myriad of conspiracies about this Ebola outbreak, inclusive of CDC patents on the virus or other theories.

The real issue is what to do in the here and now for Ebola patients who have a high risk of death, even in the USA. (Or for avian flu when it finally makes the lethal rounds). We have a “dirt” cheap means of treating and hopefully saving lives that does not involve risk: joint pains, immune derangement, etc.

Is it not interesting that the “our global response to the Ebola epidemic” does not include a known safe and effective killer of viruses (and bacteria) in common use worldwide? Could it be that Pharma will not be able to control ozone therapy if it pops out of the bag? My patients know I’d rather risk getting a communicable disease and treat it with oxidation than to take a vaccine with all the unknown effects and ingredients.

Oh, even worse, perhaps ozone therapy might save many of the thousands of people dying right now from antibiotic resistant bacteria. And, God forbid, ozone might be employed to save bazillions for people and actually cure them, who would otherwise take common profit-making antibiotics for routine infections…



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