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Doctor Exposes MRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin and the POWER of Vitamin D!


Doctor Exposes MRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin and the POWER of Vitamin D!

By Noah

Spread this one far and wide!

You might just save a life!

Talk about a guy whose got his act together….meet Dr. Ryan Cole.

This guy is sharp and you can tell he’s one of the “real” scientists.

I have nothing against science…

What I despise is “scientism” and using fake science to push an agenda.

This guy is showing us how it’s really supposed to be done.

Such a wonderful presentation that I absolutely had to share it with you….and once you watch I have no doubt you will want to share it with everyone you know.

Here’s why my friends over at The Phaser had to say:

DR. RYAN COLE, a Medical Doctor in Idaho speaks about the Covid-19 corona virus and about the mRNA vaccine which is not a vaccine but a gene modifier which is an experimental treatment. More importantly the doctor talks about the great importance of vitamin D and how it has a big impact on the health of your immune system. He also talks about how safe and very effective Ivermectin is for treating Covid-19 and new viral variants that would arise. The mRNA jabs killed all animals in animal trials of the past, and animals share a majority of the same DNA as humans do. Common Sense tells us shots that are bad for them are generally bad for us, medications that are good for them are good good for us. Humans are animals too. He also mentions about how masks do nothing to protect you from viruses and are useless for that purpose. Please share this video with everyone.

You can watch the FULL message safely here on Rumble:


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