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“Corona Virus” update


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No doubt everyone has now heard about the Corona virus that is currently saturating the news.
Please watch last week’s episode of Under the Wire and an extra episode from mid-week to hear Meryl Dorey address this topic and many more.

Last week’s Under the Wire

Special mid week episode

On Saturday 1st February Meryl will be interviewing activist, and father of a vaccine injured child, Ted Kuntz.

This will be a brilliant and informative interview and we hope everyone gets a chance to watch it.

A reminder that UTW airs at 10am EDST, every Saturday morning on Facebook.

Press Release
We hope lots of members have shared the AVN’s WHO press release to their federal and state representatives.
The AVN has not had any response from the Federal Health Minister or any State Health Ministers about the stunning revelations from the WHO.

The AVN’s press release went viral online and has been shared over 25,000 times.

Here is a link incase you missed it
Senate Enquiry
A senate committee inquiry into autism was announced at the end of last year.

Please read this AVN blog( about it for more information.

We urge everyone that has an opinion on this to send in a submission to the inquiry.
It doesn’t have to be long, so please make sure your voice is heard on this vital issue. Submissions are due in by 14 th April 2020, but please don’t wait until the last minute.

Was RFK Jnr blocked?
It was recently brought to our attention that a petition was tabled in federal parliament at the end of last year to try to prevent Robert Kennedy Junior from being allowed to visit Australia.
We are unaware if Mr Kennedy has any plans to visit Australia, but we were appalled that a petition with 4 signatures was sufficient to get the attention of the Immigration Minister.

Please read all about the petition and the Minister’s response on the AVN blog

V is for Vaccine Bravery
Please watch this footage from a V is for Vaccine protest in California. This is truly brave work by these activists.

The AVN committee are very busy behind the scenes and we hope to make some exciting announcements soon.

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