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Calling on the Governor General to dissolve the house.


We are calling on His Excellency the Governor-General of Australia to dissolve parliament as outlined under section 5 within the Constitution of Australia due to their blatant disregard for the rules governing the conduct of their own ministers and corrupt behaviour.

The science has been very clear and settled for decades and now people in Australia are dying due to the misinformation and doubt that this Government are spreading in order to protect their mates in the Coal and resources industry, they have sold us out and have constantly proven to us that they no longer represent us.

The recent fires in NSW are just the beginning as things will undoubtedly get worse, the people on the ground who live in the area with an intimate knowledge of the history of bushfires in the area are saying something is different as bushfires are getting more and more severe and happening earlier and earlier, but this government has pointedly refused to even entertain the idea as it will infringe upon their own political agenda, they have refused to take leadership on this issue and to start the conversation to determine the causes of these issues and have even gone into hiding. They have had 6 years to take meaningful action and now they simply have to go.

They have completely misused the power granted them and need to understand that it’s a privilege and not a right to govern this nation, over and over we hear of them blatantly exposing their corrupt behaviour yet they deny that they are doing anything wrong as to them it is completely normal behaviour it is how they have done things for years. There is no oversight of our Government as we have no federal ICAC, they say the system is working yet it’s obvious the system as it is currently is broken.

There have also been many vulnerable Australian deaths as a result of the policies and indifference of this Government. They have lost the right to govern us and have forgotten that they have been elected as representatives.

Number of foreseeable deaths which have occurred since the LNP were elected:

• Between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2015, 115 deaths occurred in prison custody, with 54 deaths in 2013–14 and 61 deaths in 2014–15. In 2014–15, 60 males and one female died in prison custody, with male prisoner deaths generally outnumbering female prisoner deaths at a ratio of 23:1 since the program commenced in 1979–8′ ( Also, ‘there were 91 deaths in custody in 2016–17’ ( This appears to be the latest data.

• 2,030 suicides have occurred after poverty-stricken Australians received Robodebts from Centrelink (

• 16,000 Australians died in 2017-18 alone, waiting for Home Care which was not funded by this LNP Government. Some of these people could not even turn themselves over in bed ( Morrison has now made a big announcement, that funds will be released to provide 10,000 HomeCare packages. The aged care sector has said that is not anywhere near enough as there are 120,000 waiting.

• Six people have died, seven people are missing and at least 570 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged in catastrophic fires which continue to burn in NSW and Queensland (au/national/nsw-fires-qld-emergency-warnings-updates-bushfire-map-alerts/27c02046-4425-4e4e-8307-6d8c6c69781e). During 2019, Emergency Leaders pleaded with Scott Morrison to meet with them because they foresaw the strong likelihood of catastrophic fires this season. Morrison refused and instead, he cut all the fireys budgets. (

• 35 deaths of asylum seekers between 2014 and 2018 (

Several other questionable decisions made by this Government include the water buybacks, NBN downgrade, the Parakeelia rort, Great Barrier Reef Foundation funding, shutting down opposition debate to the union busting bill, Medivac repeal, lack of investigation into Gladys Liu, continued support of Angus Taylor.

All the decisions that they make add up and can only mean 1 thing which is they do not respect our democracy, our country or it’s people. They are in it only for themselves to make themselves and their mates richer than they already are while taking money and dignity from everyone else. They won the last election through lies and deceit and have stacked every major agency with people friendly to the Liberal party so they will never be investigated, the madness taking over the political scene must end and a message needs to be sent to all political parties that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated, they need to understand that they are there to govern for all Australians and not just those who can fund their campaigns so we ask that the Governor General take action and help us send this message.

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