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Blood Bank Danger! Spike Protein, Poisonous Jab Ingredients Could Be Infecting Supply!


Blood Bank Danger! Spike Protein, Poisonous Jab Ingredients Could Be Infecting Supply!

By Gold Coast Review

Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes the dangers of accepting blood during surgery or in an emergency situation.

Ardis also confirms that a whistleblower is filing an injunction due to intentionally skewed numbers of deaths reported to be caused by these shots being called ‘vaccines’.


Here’s what others had to say:

I just made a stand for freedom today. Working at Port Canaveral means that I have to wear a mask, even outside. Our uniform is long black pants, black socks, black shoes with a heavy polo turquoise shirt. The mask is black that they require us to wear.
I said no. And I put in for a Leave of Absence until the mandate us removed. They are going to miss a great employee, but at least I am able to breathe, the way that God intended.

Mr. Peters ….you cut the back straps out of the deer and the inner tender loins ….after you let it hang for a week of more , depending on the weather ….you want good steaks ..

Good for you! I’m proud of you. People need to join together and do this en masse!

There’s lawyers out there that can get you back to work maskless. There’s no science to back it up. It’s already happened. Good luck. Im not wearing one.

No one with a needle is getting anywhere NEAR me!

I didn’t know that I was going to fsll and break my hip. Accidents happen all the time.

why not just go check it out for yourself. they are not always going to give you links every time they tell you something. you can do your own research too.

The red cross isn’t accepting PLASMA from vaxxed individuals. I read this a while back on the Red Cross website. They’ve since changed it! Now, instead of saying vaxxed people cannot donate convalescent plasma, the Red Cross days they have all the convalescent plasma they need!

I will never trust the Red Cross. Research their origins. Rothschild. Red Shield.

I bet no body thought about blood transfusions..I just read Biden is going to mandate the covid shot for all those who work in VA hospitals. the covid shot needs to be stopped so does mandated lockdowns and masking.



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