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Bill Gates Spending $1.6 Billion to Pressure People to Get Coronavirus Vaccinations



Current efforts to push immunization passports began in 2018, well before COVID-19. This is important to recognize that this is not a temporary situation or a knee-jerk reaction that will fade away.

We are fighting a well-planned, well-funded new level of surveillance. It was conceived by Bill Gates before this disease happened and if radicals get their way, it will continue permanently—or until we rise up to fight it.

A roadmap, updated in March of 2019, gives a chilling 5-year plan that we are exactly halfway through. It advocates the following restrictions for travel in Europe:

  • A “coverage assessment pilot platform, based on input from stakeholders,” that will provide “information sharing and vaccine coverage” data for travel between nations.
  • It offers a central database complete “with electronic immunization information systems or other similar data source.”
  • That data will be run by an “Open-source computer algorithm that can be shared and run by regions, countries” (however, the more widely available something is, the more susceptible it is to hackers).
  • It intends to publicly share “cross-border vaccine coverage assessments.”
  • It creates a report on “existent reminder systems and provides recommendations for future systems” to remind people when they need a new vaccine demanded by their politicians. This can easily be used to deny travel requests until the newly required vaccine has been injected.
  • It establishes new groups to study “vaccine hesitancy” and plans to “Counter online vaccine misinformation” which is often coded language not for spreading the truth but rather pushing what investors need to say to get higher vaccine rates.
  • Finally, it offers a “series of webinars about specific cases, projects and initiatives dealing with vaccine hesitancy and uptake-related issues,” not for people that will be making the decisions to take or refuse a vaccine but rather specifically “involving [a] broad range of stakeholders.”

One of the main stakeholders pushing this vaccine system worldwide is Bill Gates. He has invested billions of dollars into pushing this forward at the same time that he doubled his wealth. Being involved in international health efforts has been very profitable for him.

Just yesterday, Bill Gates promised another 1.6 billion dollars to move his vision for vaccinations forward. In addition, the amount of information this database could have is mind-blowing. Just one edgy example is that knowing which vaccinations a politician has had could provide information to unscrupulous opponents on how to infect him/her on the eve of a critical moment, and sideline his or her ability to speak out on a vital issue. This is chilling.

However, we are excited to offer everyday Americans a way to fight back against these billionaires. Today we can demand that our legislators and governors take action to lead our nation (and the world) to freedom from the control of those who think their money can buy and sell the freedoms of others. Send your fax today.

Some conservatives may want a vaccine for a disease that numbers indicate 99.97% of Americans recovered from, mostly without hospitalization or intervention. It is their freedom to choose to do so, but even those who want a vaccine must recognize the importance of maintaining the constitutional freedom of others to personally choose or refuse a vaccination, not have it mandated by a state politician or a local school board.

Even if you want the vaccine, I urge you to stand up as an ally for those who do not. Send your fax today to preserve these freedoms for not just people in America, but to step out in leadership for the whole world.

Right now, China is ratcheting up a complicated “social credit” score. It is a surveillance system that tracks everything, the number of steps walked each day, every location visited, every online search, written words, and, some speculate, even searches against key spoken words. Even what a person buys at the grocery store, such as alcohol, which lowers a score, or diapers, which raises a score, is being tracked and affects a person’s overall social credit score.

That score dictates nearly everything, including which hospital you can get in for medical treatment, what schools are available for your children to attend, which neighborhood you can live in, if you can be accepted to live in a luxury apartment or not, and what car you are allowed to drive.

There are about 10 million Chinese who were punished during a trial period of this surveillance system, according to ABC correspondent Matthew Carney:

[Investigative journalist Liu] Hu lost his social credit when he was charged with a speech crime and now finds himself locked out of society due to his low score … “There are a lot of people who are on the blacklist wrongly, but they can’t get off it,” says Hu.

It’s destroyed his career and isolated him, and he now fears for his family’s future. The social credit system has closed down his travel options and kept him under effective house arrest in his hometown of Chongqing. … Hu tries to use a phone app to book train tickets to Xi’an. The attempt is rejected. “[The app] says it fails to make a booking and my access to high-speed rail is legally restricted,” he explains.

Hu’s social media accounts, where he published much of his investigative journalism, have also been shut down. Hu claims his combined Wechat and Weibo accounts had two million followers at their peak but are now censored [by the government].

This system of invasive surveillance tracking is exactly what national trainers for contact tracing surveillance are praising in America. They are praising China as a “great system” using a centralized database.

In addition, these trainers of this growing army of domestic spies were quick to say that privacy concerns “don’t count” because someone could harm the public and that was more important than constitutionally protected privacy.

We are building an army of spies and training them to envy communist China and disregard the Constitution … what could possibly go wrong?

Now is the moment to contact every legislator in D.C. and governors across America and demand that our nation cuts off funding for domestic spying now.

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