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You Wanted Solutions To Take Back Our World. We Have To Take Back Our Power and To Do That We Have To Take Back Our Money

By Jamie McIntyre


Here’s what others had to say:

Margaret Moy
My opinion is that,
That’s why they got rid of the bikey gangs…
They are afraid of them becoming a army…

Juke Alexander
Sounds a lot like the QFS Quantum Financial System being rolled out globally as we speak. Many countries have now have their currencies backed by gold standard. The next 90 days will be interesting as we pull down the old corrupt governments and systems, and create a new era for humanity based in faith(not religion), freedom(for the people, by the people) and fairness(equality, not equity)
The Art of War ‘If you are weak, act strong! If you are strong, act weak’ The governments of the world are bankrupt, the Elite’s are losing and have lost control! Hence why we are seeing such desperation by the governments to jab and cause as much harm as they can before they shut down for good. So people of Australia and the world, take heart, take comfort in knowing that #WeThePeople are winning. Don’t beleive the lies of main stream media(mafia). Don’t believe the puppets in parliament. They are the Cabal’s biggest weapons at this point, to scaremonger and cause fear and panic in the streets across the world. F.E.A.R. FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Stand up! Stand tall! Stand united as one people, one humanity. Take off those muzzles, open your businesses, stand up to corrupt police and governments and we the people will overcome this dark period in history and remember how we triumphed over evil, squashed the plans of the nwo and created our own free liberties instead of their controlling great reset! See you on the battlefield patriots of planet earth!

James Ohlew
About time. I’ve been waiting for this. I will be looking into what you’ve spoken about and honoured to be a part of it. I’m just outside of the Melbourne area livening my life as a free man with my family. Not one of us have work masks from the start, have become a bit of a gun with the Australian Constitution. Anything I can do to help your/our cause pleases PM me. Thanks for your work.

Kathryn Jones
That is the only answer Jamie ! Just start new communities

Dolly Molly
I want you to know what it is like for parents to face a Covid outbreak in a school in Melbourne. We are actually experiencing a quarantine at home following 8 covid asymptomatic positive cases in our boy’s primary school. All parents have been asked to have our kids tested with PCR tests 3 times!!!! 1 time at the beginning of the outbreak, now they are asking for a second PCR testing and a 3rd PCR tests has to be done before leaving quarantine. Hundreds of families in this school are quarantined. The Monash Health representants have confirmed through a Zoom meeting that even if the delta variant is mild “it is all about getting everyone vaccinated before we get everyone out of quarantine”.80 families have refused to submit their kids to PCR tests who are raising fair concerns regarding the safety of PCR tests knowing that they are likely to contain some cancerogenic substance called EO (Ethylène Oxyde) and some kids may have some nasopharyngeal issues not compatible with a swab.Any families quarantined and asymptomatic who will not have their kids having the required PCR tests will have their quarantine (14days) extended to another 13days which brings the quarantine to 27 days in total when the incubation time for Covid will never reach such a duration! This is totally insane, and discriminatory, please help us 🥶⁠🥶⁠🥶⁠
Yesterday Monash Health service acknowledged that some positive cases in the families are not related to a school transmission. We ‘ve been lied to, kids get contaminated through their parents who get vaccinated and some Positive cases can also be related to these non reliable and questionnable PCR tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a catch 21 !!!!! and they scare us with this “highly contagious delta variant “which is not highly contagious just because they want us all to get the vaccine. Parents are now bullying their kids with 3 PCR tests as requested by the Health authorities. Our kids your kids will have to have many PCR tests each time their will be outbreaks in schools. Who is going to voice our despair??????????????????????

Dana Randall
After the GFC the wealth divide became extreme. Corporations own much more than world govts (over 70%) and control everything.

Dana Randall
How about stopping cashless society? Spending cash at small businesses and boycotting malls and chains

Nataly Nitesky
Bless!!!!! I’m so glad You are speaking the TRUTH ABOUT WWII. My heart breaks for the Germans. What an amazing world we’d live in if National Socialism won. For all that don’t know WATCH THE LAST BATTLE EUROPA!!!

Silvano Oliveira
All on the streets this Saturday the 24th, sydney starting rally point VICTORIA PARK, Broadway , 12pm. That’s the only way thru will fear us.

Reg L. van Buuren
BUT yor average is soo uninterested , there NEEDS to be a very good articulate person using basic down to earth communication speach to explain Before people will start to something …

Pearl Raguindin Gardiner II

Cameron Hope
Privacy coins…. Monero and Pirate Chain

Brooke Diabolik
Taxes & inflation!

Brooke Diabolik
Has just as much value as Monopoly money.

Reg L. van Buuren
How very true ! … money has ruled the world.

Monica Mordini
Who is the Canadian equivalent of you?

Brooke Diabolik
Control the money, control the people.


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