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Who’s Winning on Ukraine’s Battlefields in 2024 w\‪@historylegends‬


Who’s Winning on Ukraine’s Battlefields in 2024 w\‪@historylegends‬

By Real Reporter

Here’s what others had to say:

The Military Industrial Complex is winning. Everone else looses.

Did Biden just say Belarus is NATO. Endless classics

The USA has double the population of Russia but the war is being fought next door to Russia not the USA

My favorite part of History legends is that clip saying “we are winning” with the flag of those who are losing!

History Legend puts mainstream media to shame! He actually investigates a situation before reporting. Rather than parrot it’s governments narrative!

If Ukraine is winning I’d hate to see them losing a war

I’m an American who has used Telegram since mid-2003, receiving news from various platforms in Australia, Russia, Israel from groups such as Resistance News Network that includes detailed descriptions of battles fought in Gaza by Hezbollah, as well as individuals such as former arms inspector and geopolitical analyst Scott Ritter and many others. Telegram is another means of communicating with friends from all over the world other than WhatsApp. Indeed, most Americas are unaware of Telegram and even WhatsApp and rely on Western based platforms.

The most important thing it’s to analyze any situation from both sides. But it seems like 90% of the world population just can’t do it and live in his/her bubble. Your introduction is great

In your analysis about the USA vs Russia you forgot that today’s US generation do not want to fight for thier county and the military is having it’s lowest recruiting numbers in years. This is a huge point. While Russia men are willing to go and fight.

We have twice the population, but one tenth the political stomach to lose tens of thousands of troops over Ukraine.

God bless Russia the lord of war..From an anti woke European..100% LOVE to Russia

it would be fricking good if patrick lancaster was part of this video, he’s on the frontline with russian infantry’s

They have forgotten what a nuclear blast looks like to live targets they want to refresh their memory.

lmao I love the scuzzing of Ryan McBeth. Notice how he was quiet since the US Presidential debate and Ukraine’s President stating the war cannot go on forever?

The WW3 topic at the end is peculiar. As Alex says there will be no winners when nukes fly. But if you read up on the American nuclear doctrine these people actually think they would win a nuclear war. And I guess that’s also why they are so keen to escalate.

Short answer, Russia is winning. The momentum is still in favor of Russia, though Ukraine has been doing a great job of defending they are still losing ground.

The nature of the game today is to make your enemy believe you’re going to push an attack in a large level. If you’re successful you get your enemy to move in additional men and equipment. As these movements take place the key issue is to destroy as much of this as possible to weaken the enemy.

The size of the US population does not yet indicate that US citizens will want to join the army and the army will win. It is impossible to imagine that mobilization in the United States will be as violent as in Ukraine.

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