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What’s Going To Happen With Stage 5 Military Lockdowns Coming to Every City in Australia and Melbourne Locked Down Over Zero Cases


What’s Going To Happen With Stage 5 Military Lockdowns Coming to Every City in Australia and Melbourne Locked Down Over Zero Cases

By Jamie McIntyre

What’s going to happen with Stage 5 military lockdowns coming to every city in Australia and Melbourne locked down over zero cases.

Is anyone still not figuring this out that it’s a Globalist coup and Covid was always a simply Trojan horse to mislead the trusting masses? or

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Here’s what others had to say:

Tamika Mickey
Do you have any networks in the US? I’m trying to follow as many people/groups as possible. It’s getting isolated over here.

Sven Hollis
The issue is even when you produce all of that overwhelming evidence that it’s all a lie, those people retort “what are you a doctor” and there lies the problem.

Sven Hollis
Thanks, Jamie for your dedication to spreading the TRUTH.

Sven Hollis
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it” George Orwell quote

Tamika Mickey
They’re going to attempt to shut the internet down but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Antony Calabro
Any chance taking any CHO to court like a guy did in Canada?

Jenny Wilkshire
How do we avoid shedding when family members have had it??

Mathew Thuring
Herald Sun today on front page – Jab children 12+ at schools this December in Victoria.

Michael Darmanin
We will win as the many wake up it will be a beautiful thing.

Michael Noone
When someone say l saw it on the TV, l say they have just dumbed down the debate.

Tamika Mickey
So what are we going to do? This is getting scary. I always say that they will have to strap me down but I’m concerned that it will happen one day. The sheep are making it dangerous for us.

Tamika Mickey
The shots are doing something to their brains. Logic is out the window. There’s no reasoning with these people.

Katrina Wells
I warned people 18 months ago, don’t take the Jabbawokie. Yet I was attacked for saying that.

Debbie Wilson
What’s going on with SPC in Australia trying to make the vaccine mandatory for staff????

Talei Watene
The guy who died just after his wedding he had heart conditions and a family history of heart disease and on his FB says so the family is upset it’s been politicised

Talei Watene
Yeah true the last thing they would want is to keep us all alive longer – we are causing green house gasses.

Jodie Louise
I know I’m not crazy, but you have to do it so gently. I need a list so people can’t take you off track with ridicule and shaming!

Tommy Gunn
How bout’ you gather up doctors, virus specialists, people of influence and get a expose put on tv.

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