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Well done to the Australian Open tennis crowd for booing the mention of Bs 19 vaxx and booing the Victorian Government


Well done to the Australian Open tennis crowd for booing the mention of Bs 19 vaxx and booing the Victorian Government.

By Jamie McIntyre

Well done to the Australian Open tennis crowd for booing the mention of Bs 19 vaxx and booing the Victorian Government.
The only thing that is embarrassing is the fake news media, with articles like this trying to spin their deadly, untested, unnecessary, ineffective, dodgy drug spruiking upon the vulnerable and elderly, and innocent children and parents. No one with a brain wants a Bs 19 vaxx – take the feedback morons.

It’s good to know most Australians, including Pro vaxxers are United and are anti Bs 19 vaxx.
Over 75% of Australians have said they won’t take it.

Like it’s not ok to boo a deadly unnecessary, ineffective, untested, dangerous Bs 19 vaxx no intelligent person would ever take.

It’s not ok to boo Bs 19 fraudsters ?

Should we learn to be polite to those trying to destroy humanity by treating us like guinea pigs ?

Booing is the least that will happen to these morons pushing this fraud.



Here’s what others had to say:

1. Simeon Cryer
So good. Be nice if Tennis Australia’s President could just talk about tennis instead of propaganda.

2. Lorraine Harding
Good on them!

3. Kaye Holecek
How good !

4. Mark Gulifa
Spin it anyway you like… makes no difference….Embarrassment on the WORLD STAGE for FIGJAM DAN… full stop… simple… And yeah EVERYONE LOVES HIM and the Government Hey?oh let me guess…it was only a couple of Houligans, or some ant Vaxers yeah? Um no it was the MAJORITY of the crowd and it went on.and on and on…
CLAP CLAP CLAP…..Maybe Victorians are starting to wake up.
Can’t wait for the next attempt at a lockdown from the Hunchback…. See what happens next time…

Barbara Hughes
Mark Gulifa totally agree it was very inappropriate for her to talk about it and it therefore backfired big time.

5. Sharon Deviney Matthews
Yep because it was a ceremony for the tennis and that’s where it should have ended

Jamie McIntyre
Sharon Deviney Matthews end like the life of those stupid enough to be brainwashed to take a Bs 19 vaxx ?

Paula Nevers
Sharon Deviney Matthews Why mention Vaccines then ??
Government use of the AO to promote their dodgy vaccine 💉

6. Gracey A Vassallo
😂😂😂 public opinion cannot be denied. And it was televised 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

7. Alexis Farrell
Don’t forget she is also the CEO of virgin and have a look at her CV…and the smile on her face. Planned. She is just another of their placement pieces.

8. Braden Sems
People are waking up to the scamdemic its great to see.

9. James Gomez
Why they mention the vaccine at a Tennis final? Did DA put them up too this?

Aik Mon
James Gomez promotion and market is not needed for a deadly virus…

10. Aggelikoula Zahari
This was the best boooooing I have ever heard.

11. Mishy Moo
Does anyone have footage of this speech? I would so love to see it! This makes me so proud. Scott Morrison, you can stick your Covid vaxxine up your f#%ken a$$🤬

12. Natalie Farmer
Looks like it’s re-education camp for nearly everyone then 😆 😆 awesome.

13. Col Bucknor
For me, whichever medical direction thats out there its about the manipulation and control thats the issue. The media needs to go !

14. Jackie Kinsella
Best opportunity… media can’t fake that.

15. Aik Mon
The headline should’ve been “Jayne Hrdlicka ruined the Aussie Open ceremony by promoting the vaccine on its platform”… I’m glad NBA players in the US refused to promote it…🤣🤣

16. Greg Skerritt
Sucked in Jane Hrdlicka. The People have spoken and now more people will know about you.

17. Tracey Hellam
Oh dear, they won’t stand for this dissent.
I wonder what they have up their sleeves to bring the population into line.

18. Em Ibrahim
Best thing I’ve seen all day. Loved it. Power to the people 💖

19. Bill Gray
Brilliant, well done crowd 👍..

20. Eleni Mayiakas Karvelas
I enjoyed this so much!!! Thank god they’re still ppl with brains!!!

21. Nick Culling
Loved the crowd … and the look on her face 🤣🤣

22. Elsa McEwan
Stand up against the Globalists lies and manipulation Australian…. beautiful to see. I’m so proud!

23. Wayne Jean
The Sporting Shills joining the Ranks of the Cabal BureaucRats & the Puppet Politicians with their Lame PiSS Stream Media Propaganda Arm.
Pathetic Dog & Pony and Insulting Bread & Circus shows.

24. Anita Kilkenny
Best thing I’ve seen in a while. Good on you Victoria for seeing right through this bullshit! #bs19 #sackdanandrews

25. June Blackburne
Well done Australia, at least a lot of people there are awake.

26. Simon Hannifin
What a fantastic weekend after the thousands turning out for the marches all over Australia. It’s only going to get bigger 👊

27. Rhyda Lawson
DemonicDans eyes would be popping to the point of exploding right now ha ha.

28. Daniel Stewart
Media once again branding the people just because they don’t agree with the mainstream media agendas and view… just because one doesn’t agree, it doesn’t make them morons.. so over this one view agenda.

29. Anna Karpatsis
Wtf does tennis have to do with vaccinations? Why is she even mentioning it? Pushing the agenda maybe? Good on the crowd👍

30. Daniel Stewart
The people were there to enjoy their Sunday watching sport!! Not listen to political policy… that’s why people go to sports events… to avoid the PC garbage over and over day in day out… honestly people are over being dictated too not to mention they just want to enjoy a night out without hearing about covid or the vaccine… next will come vaccine passports and microchips… you know the ones that were just conspiracy crackpot notions… and now are a reality.

31. Michelle Dytor
So much pride for Australians.

32. Mark Fraser
CLASSIC! Brilliant crowd!

33. Peter Elliott
nothing wrong with booing pure evil

34. Andrew Sparkinson
Now let’s do a crowd survey. Lol

35. Karen Kibble
Terrific to see not everyone asleep! Still…too many asleep!

36. Sonia Scardanas
Sucked in you stupid cow, for trying to sell the vaccine during your speech. You looked like the dick that you are. Moron.
Proud of the spectators response. Not so proud that you went along to watch these “essential workers”. You all should have boycotted it for your fellow Victorians who are essential and are losing their livelihoods because of CCP’s lackey Dicky Dan!

37. Andy Cunningham
I applaud anyone who stands up for their rights and refuses this toxic experimental vax the more that say no the less they can do well done Australia 👏👏👏👏👏👏

38. Dan Rossi
Those globalists get to have their tennis contradicting their own fraud made up junk science. To then broadcast their propaganda onto people at the end.

39. Belinda Fenwick
Who is this lady with the American accent anyway. She’s supposed to be talking about tennis 🎾 .

40. Jason Parkin
Only embarrassing for the Government as it was a world seen platform which they have been silencing by the media. But on this occasion they fucked up 😂😂😂😂

41. Scott Universita
Awesome…..too hard for MSM to change the baloney live.

42. Maddalena Ghayyoori
Absolutely stupid woman !!!!

43. Kylie Anderson
So the MSM called the booers morons? More like the booers were legends. MSM are the morons.

44. Kylie Anderson
I just saw MSM on one of those morning tv channels edit that. Instead of booers for the experimental biologic they changed it for When she mentioned the VIctoria Govt.
MSM is a shady deceptive bunch.

45. Andrew Wian
Good on them for calling out their bullshit. The fat politician in the background should worry about his eating habits instead of a vaccine. Might prolong his life.

46. Kris Knight
I’m sorry but WTF has the vaccine to do with the Australian Open?
These idiot organisers can’t fathom the people don’t pay good money to see a sporting match, to endure more political bullshit.

47. David Chaney
I agree with the anti-propaganda vaccine booing. Things might change over time, when we have more history of bio-reaction to Pfizer’s untested drug, & after additional brands are experienced in comparison. The booing, I believe, is against the perpetual spin.

48. Rob Smrdel
Doesn’t sound like people have much faith in your optimism for the future Jayne and Vic Government.

49. Isabella Dagher
Smart move… It proved how many actually disapprove of the vaccine.

50. Rob Marj Harko
On the radio yesterday said 75%would take it and the majority were men, bahahahaha yeh and I believe that not.

51. Nicki Strugnell
Man they are lucky all they did is Boo!! How have people not done more! Joke.

52. Alexander Kosta
I missed this. Well done to the crowd!

53. Joey Angeles
The rallies are being silenced saying only hundreds have gone and most main media outlets are writing : Oh what are these people complaining about. The vaccines are not forced on people! Oh really? Yeah, well if you want to travel hassle-free, you need to vaccine. You can only do this and that if you’ve taken the vaccine. Indirect co-ercion that is! arrrrghhh

54. Alissa Pattrick
I am so proud of the Victorians who used the only opportunity they had as a platform to get the message across and on a world stage!!!!!

55. Jay Steinhardt
Awesome, most people hate commo Dan, and the majority don’t want the lethal injection.

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