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Well done Elon Musk – At least some billionaires aren’t Socialist / Globalists sell outs


Well done Elon Musk.

By Jamie McIntyre

Well done Elon Musk.
At least some billionaires aren’t Socialist / Globalists sell outs.

The stock market is rigged and has been for a long time.
The financial central banking system has been rigged and is based on a fraudulent fractional reserve central banking which I even wrote about 22 years ago in my first best-selling book.
“What I Didn’t Learn At School, But Wish I Had“.
(you can get for free with, “The Great Vaccine Con”, which I wrote,4 years ago, thanks to brave Doctors and Scientists who helped expose the fraud of the vaccine industry. I warned in it, that mandatory vaccinations were coming, to get vaccine sales past $100 billion pa, up from just $169 m in 1986,when they were granted exemptions from killing your loved ones with vaccines, (to keep population growth under control) to $5 billion pa in 2005 to $59 billion pa last year).

Which led me to writing one of the earliest books on Bitcoin and an early backer of it to be a de centralised monetary system.

(Can’t imagine why I’ve had to put up with constant dodgy government agencies attacks against me and dodgy mainstream media attacks for most of my business career – although a small price to pay to expose the corrupted dodgy wankers in our society).

Download both for free at and watch the McIntyre Report discussing not only what’s going to happen with a Biden Presidency but the Gamestock scandal.
Going to air later today.

If it wasn’t for the financial systems being rigged you’d pay no income tax
We only pay it as the central bankers introduced it to fund them skimming the system

The world would have a lot more abundance if the outdated fraudulent financial system is exposed and replaced with a system that is for the people not for the greedy fat wankers sorry Bankers.

I mean why do we tolerate the greed of the Rothschilds – I think it’s time their dodgy tactics were exposed and no longer tolerated.

The world needs to go to war – but not with each other – war against corruption and the elites – simply remove the criminal Elite why we outnumber them, before they achieve their de population agenda planned with Covid vaccines. (oops that was once just a conspiracy like so many other conspiracies which yes are conspiracies just are no longer theory).

From Beau Chase
Stop scrolling and take a look at this….

Tried posting multiple times yesterday which magically didn’t publish to my page. 1 finally went through but got no reach.

You should want to watch one of the most fascinating events going down in real time right now. Get across the Masses are going after Wall Street Hedge Funds and their Short positions. Look up GameStop or WallStreetBets on Twitter. It’s going off there is a digital war taking place between the 2 right now!

1 guy put $50,000 into GME last year I believe in under 6 months last night his position was now valued at $48,000,000 – 960 fold increase on his original investment. Insanity!

Some of the Hedge Funds are down $2.3 Billion another could be being put to the wall for $6.7 Billion.

Wall Street got Greedy and oversold Short Positions on GameStock, users on WSB’s Reddit feed sniffed this out and rallied the troups to go to war.

Elon Musk hates short sellers who have been trying to Fuck Tesla for over 10 years. So he stoked support for the small guys to his 43m plus Twitter followers and the Put Positions have skyrocketed. Really squeezing the Short Seller Positions costing the big boys billions.

Crazy wild swings going on! 1 guy was up millions yesterday and is down $15m as marketplaces are forcing the punters to exit positions or not giving them the ability to buy more positions when the stocks are diving. Siding with the big money and Hedge Funds on Wall Street going against everything they stood for, for their customers. The masses are Angry and rally crying for the people to HOLD their position and hand. And more people across the world are rallying behind the stocks to help their fellow investor out, so the Big boys don’t Fuck them and win.

This ripple effect could be the pin the pops the US stock market bubble which may have global ramifications and further ripple effects.

Jump on leave a comment and your thoughts…

Human behavior is fascinating fueled that with investing, and it gets very interesting!

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