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Well done Australia at slowing the Bs 19 Vaxx rollout


Well done Australia at slowing the Bs 19 Vaxx rollout

By Jamie McIntyre

Australia is lagging in last place of OECD countries for the deadly Global Medical Experiment. Great news . We still have a fighting chance. Keep up the good work awakening the naive and gullible who are thinking about falling for the Bs 19 scam and taking a Bs19 jab pushed upon them by the dodgy drug spruikers on Tv and our idiot politicians who would sell their grandmother for a pay rise.

Let’s “f**k” with the Bs19 fraudsters and Globalists plans. Let’s get creative and beat them at the own game. Humanity depends upon fit.
It’s time to delete the elite before delete us.


Here’s what others had to say:

Doctors in Oz are offered indemnity if the administer the vaccine to patients that ask for it. What has happened to “First Do No Harm”?
If they have to offer indemnity they know people are going to be injured or die from it. Please people just say NO.

Jamie. Is it confirmed that US military are in Brisbane

Came home from hair appt. my stylist got stuck in Florida for a day, as she was attempting to fly home to Connecticut. Was at the airport for hours, Jet Blue lady said that all the airlines were canceling flights because they don’t have pilots or flight attendants to fly. Jet Blue person at desk said “American Airlines and all the others are worse than Jet Blue and down all their pilots and flight attendants and canceling flights.” So I guess that story circulating that pilots are sick from the ppl poison is verified.

No wonder Scosmosis is frothing at the mouth!

Thank you 🙏 for always telling the truth. God bless you ..

Hi Jamie, going to send u an email re some news about Sth Africa.

Named after brain waves. Delta means sleeping and dreaming.

Love your work Jamie!!!

Jamie do we have any military insiders?

Imagine if all Australians ignited their brain cells!

Well all l can say is thank you someone gets it.

4 day extension coming in Qld. You have leaks Anna.

Omggg I love you 😆😆😆🙌🏼🙌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 need to take you to a family bqe sort my family out 🙈💉 before it’s too late 😪

They are trying to convince my elderly parents to get a jab n they also say if they don’t n if they get the virus they won’t get help ….threats n manipulation 🤬🤯bloody monkeys

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