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Watch the Stampede to leave Melbourne and are we in the middle of a Global Coup?


Watch the Stampede to leave Melbourne and are we in the middle of a Global Coup?

By Jamie McIntyre

Watch the stampede from Melbourne once lockdown ends.

Not like it hasn’t been predicted.

These lockdowns are simply to extort people to take the deadly C .. Vaxx.

Then to usher in the Great Reset (Global Communism- which is planned to bankrupt nations and individuals first as then they are more willing to accept a Universal Basic Income in return to get food (from planned food shortages) and to survive. No vaxx no welfare – no vaxx no job no vaxx no drivers license or flying – no vaxx no entry to business’s – not mandatory of course.

It’s easier to control welfare dependent people then rebellious independent entrepreneurs that can fund themselves and think for themselves (thus why small business’s are forced to close and big corporations aren’t).

If not enough citizens take the dangerous C vaxx, then they plan to release an actual deadly virus that will wipe out tens of millions, to enforce the new World Order (or the C vaxx will kill many millions as it has started doing already and will be blamed on a new strain to cover up that C wasn’t that deadly in the first place and the fraud just like Us election fraud will be deleted from the internet).

The question is when do we accept we are at war and in the middle of a “Global Coup”, and prepare to defend against an enemy that wishes to enslave, us using vaccine chips and certificates (once just a conspiracy theory).

If we leave it to late we won’t be able to defend our loved ones as “Quarantine camps” are already on the agenda to lock up those who refuse to be vaccinated or protest as they’ll label us “right wing extremists for defending the right to choose what goes into our body and defend our basic human freedoms.

“You’ll own nothing and be completely happy” says the Billionaire Globalist Socialists behind this Global Coup.
Unfortunately these are no longer conspiracy theories.
But actual conspiracies in play.

Now is not the time to trust mainstream media, or your Government’s, both who are under the control of the “Great totalitarian Reset Agenda”.

Don’t believe it yet.

Just watch and see.

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