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This is how we predicted the Globalists would trick the world into taking the bs 19 vaxx


This is how we predicted the Globalists would trick the world into taking the bs 19 vaxx.

By Jamie McIntyre

This is how we predicted the Globalists would trick the world into taking the bs 19 vaxx. By making the gullible think it’s Bs19 killing people (which is not even coming in as a bad flu season)  but it’s the actual bs 19 vaxx and it’s mutant stains that kill. Why take a deadly dangerous and unnecessary rushed to market, untested vaxx for a flu that isn’t even a serious public health concern (according to many Govts even before lockdowns started ? Risk verse reward. Zero science behind this Global Medical Experiment. It’s insane yet why so few highlighting the insanity


Here’s what others had to say:


I’m from India and I CONFIRM. This is what’s happening. People are dying from the vaccines but no MSM coverage on that.

amarula_bee (Bernadine du Preez)

💯 we have family in India and have said this all along. Since vaccines started all of a sudden many deaths.

custimizeit (Custimize It)

I’m with you on needing to get back to our lives, but a “mild flu”. Chill bro, I’m in great shape and it kicked my teeth in. Same with many many others that I know. The government is absolutely manipulating people, but when you say outrageous stuff like that it doesn’t help your case.

paulinberg (Eric Paulin)

Well I think you’re forgetting the fact that India has 1.3Billion people and have only given out 100million vaccines…. Barely a dent…. So what you’re implying is way to early to be factual. In theory the US and UK chart should be worse as they lead in vaccination right?….

sitara_hewitt (Sitara Hewitt) Verified

I totally sensed this was happening in India. We are from there and the msm is scaring my elderly relatives w these lies. It’s super sad.

amenzies19 (Adam Menzies)

The problem is they are brainwashed without the mental capacity to think for themselves. People put the politicians and billionaires on pedestals and truly think they can’t do any bad. They seem to want to refuse to believe that in fact they are out to destroy. But this is becoming a nazi state/world. I knew they never really went away after WW2.

_______georgiamae (Mrs Long)

They removed this from my story saying it was harmful misinformation

lewis.wright.vfx (Lewis Wright)

If this vaxx turns people into a symptomatic carriers does that mean people are basically turned into walking incubators where the viruses is still spread around unchecked more likely to mutate /evolve in the same way as using to much antibiotics makes them useless because you know nature finds a way ect..??

sal_va_tore89 (Daddy Shark DoDoDoDoDoDo)

The lockstep document said it. When there’s little vaccine compliance they will release a real deadly virus. Obviously doing it through the few who are getting vaccinated because they’re the ones passing the shit onto everyone else. Avoid vaccinated people!


I’ve also heard that millions more are dying due to malnutrition caused by the 1st world lockdowns.


It was the same around the world!!! Initially scaring everyone to do what they say, make the population believe they have it under control and not to worry we will look after you, scare campaign before the euthanasia and sterilisation program begins.


How do we stop it, let’s here answers and let’s take action 👊

antegojak (Ante Gojak)

Now they will use Australian olympians going to the games. They will give to them placebo jabs ant tell everyone. Look how this people are in good health and bla, bla.. just to convince everyone else to take it

allwinbryan777 (Allwin 👑)

I’m from South India, mainstream is fear mongering people 24×7 into taking vax and obeying rona rules, there are new restrictions now…an big actor in tamil nadu died 2 days after taking vax but they said it is heart problem and not related to vax, one actor came public and asked questions about vax and now they filed a case on him for talking about vax… People believe authorities too much here, anyone who questions authorities are considered conspiracy theorist here…India still didn’t publish deaths due to vax case details…

thebackerproject (B A C K E R)

@mcintyrejamie many health workers who got both doses of the bsvax have passed away. Its all counted. You know the drill. The state governments are asking people to double mask and have ordered people who gather without distancing gather to be taken into custody. There is resistance from business owners who dont want lockdowns. The government cannot implement a lockdown because all hell will break lose.

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