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The night realised “Child sex trafficking wasn’t a conspiracy theory, and we must act”


The night realised “Child sex trafficking wasn’t a conspiracy theory, and we must act”.

By Jamie McIntyre

Hearing Tony Robbins share about the sheer size of the child sex trafficking industry at his b’day celebrations in Los Angeles in Feb this year, woke me up to the fact it’s a huge issue, and we can no longer dismiss it as a “Conspiracy theory” anymore like mainstream media attempts to. Tony raised $30 million and that night alone to help rescue stolen children who would suffer the darkest fate one can imagine otherwise.

It’s traumatic enough discovering what so many innocent children are facing why those responsible try to destroy our world as we know it and hide behind one scam after another to desperately distract the less aware masses from discovering the dark truth of our world.
Since then, I’ve made it a key mission of my not for profit news site to help expose this sick industry just as I did commit years ago to expose the fraud of the vaccine industry and warned what they were planning.

It may create powerful enemies which I’ve had to deal with over the last 7 years as I was character assassinated and many of my companies destroyed for speaking out about corruption, but it’s a small price to pay to see justice for the innocent kids one day.

What price are you willing to pay to do what’s right?
The will continue its relentless campaign to expose the elite Paedaphiles hiding in the shadows of our society including in Australia. Please support it and support Operation Underground Railroad.

Like cockroaches, the elite Paedaphiles run in fear of the light and exposure.

Let’s shine the light upon the darkest places in our world and free not just the innocent children but humanity so it can rise as it’s meant to once and for all.

The time is now. The truth is what they fear so to speak it loudly. Let’s all be a force for good.

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