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The Heat Russians Crossed Vovcha River The Pokrovsk Front is Crumbling. Military Summary 2024.07.09


The Heat Russians Crossed Vovcha River The Pokrovsk Front is Crumbling. Military Summary 2024.07.09

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 9th of July 2024.

Here’s what others had to say:

NATO has a summit, Russia has a SARMAT

One day in the near future: “Hello my dear frens, today we have only one update – Ukraine signed unconditional surrender. Good night and babay.”

Ukraine Need to make peace and declare neutrality and stick to it

Ukraine is running out of choices. They need to stop listening to zele

The UK isn’t capable of supporting itself there days let alone Ukraine

“Russia is just fighting little old Ukraine not NATO”
Also on 9-July: “NATO Summit on how to support Ukraine’s fight with Russia”

Serious damage was caused to a large logistics convoy of Ukrainian military, detected on its way near the settlement of Stetskovka in Sumy region. Large amounts of ammunition and transport vehicles, other equipment units, and military personnel were destroyed. Ukraine suffers heavy losses after being caught in a strong strike of Russian forces! – Military Tube Today

Remember what Ukraine said just 1,5 years ago? „EU should not worry about their gas and energy shortages – we (Ukraine) will gladly help out and export our excess energy“.
Even then it was clear and funny.

Ukraine is losing so bad in attrition. They’re starting to trade land for time again. They’re starting to operate like Afghanistan. The only difference is that the enemy is in uniform on both sides. A Russian steamroll seems to be imminent.

Embarrassing the US, at home, during a summit in which Ukraine is hoping to secure long-term support, is probably not a sound strategy. But what do I know?

Hungary and Poland don’t mind selling energy to Ukraine because the U.S. is paying for it.

By the time Eisenhower delivered his famous farewell address on January 17, 1961, in which he spoke of the catastrophic effects of the growing influence of the U.S. military-industrial complex, the fate of the U.S. was already sealed. Eisenhower’s words were not a prophecy or a warning, but only a simple summary on his way out.

Despite new western Aid Shortage of Ukrainian troopos Is having a huge impact on the front Lines

Ukraine isn’t buying electricity from anyone. That don’t have the money to buy anything

Long before this war started it was known S400 radar could detect vehicles at 100s of kilometres away. Now that Russian reconnaissance drones are so robust they can literally recon almost every image on radar over a certain cross section. Identify if it’s a target then determine equipment to take it out. This would of been unimaginable last year but now they have thousands of recon drones in air at all times identifying targets. They call the radar something different now but don’t let them fool you they had this technology so Ukrainians. They just didn’t have the Recon and FPV drone infrastructure to pull it off at this level earlier in conflict. This and FAB are game changers is now they have the time and manpower to investigative every metal object the size of a car 20km near line of “combat contact lol”

Russia should make the new border big enough to ensure the security of Russia and really Belarus. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned but I assume NATO will try to flex with missiles on new borders. It’s not wise but wisdom was dismissed by NATO. Since the beginning, those fab 3000’s are probably unbearable to Ukraine soldiers

It could also be proposed that the Russian FPV drones aren’t extending their coverage east, but they just ran out of targets closer to the line of contact. Both of these can be true because one doesn’t necessarily contradict the other.

My friend is at Kiev and they have electricity 4 or 5 hours by day. Weather is very hot now around 30°, no air conditioners, no fridges working, big business around batteries and inverters.

Dima is very optimistic regarding Ukraine. Current talks in Poland might be about seeking peace and dividing Ukraine in two, Korean scenario is less likely because Russians won’t sign another Minsk like agreement, they are also nuclear superpower with strongest friends in the world. Something is horribly wrong with vast majority of European politicians.

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