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The Greatest Fear the Globalists Have, Is a Clever, Well Organised and Well Funded Resistance


The Greatest Fear the Globalists Have, Is a Clever, Well Organised and Well Funded Resistance

By Jamie McIntyre

The greatest fear the Globalists have, is a clever, well organised and well funded resistance.

A resistance that will unite diverse groups against one common enemy.

And once the people of this world develop laser focus on the small % of people on this planet, that are mostly weak de masculated males, who think they can rule the rest of us.
These days will be numbered.

Let’s drink to the fall of the cabal.

And enjoy deleting the criminal elite.

Their time has come and you are alive to witness the greatest change in human history. Be a force for good, not a Covid fraudster.

Join the resistance and remove your mask.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Hansen
We win hands down human race one with each other stand together all colours religious beliefs…. Right behind you mate your 100% supported

Tezz Watson
Jamie McIntyre our numbers are growing, I wish we could all be on the same platform so we can see what those numbers are. Thank you for your amazing efforts.

Deborah Singer
Time to take back our freedom

Kathleen Browne
Hahaha Adriann M Rowe told you I would join the resistance 😉 no longer just an advocate for change!!

Merv Smith
What amazes me we vote these politions in we pay them there wages they work for the people of Australia so how come they can dictate to us if we work for a boss and we don’t perform we get sacked so why can’t they

Julia Theodosis
As long as the world stands up in numbers it will be good for humanity otherwise we are doomed..


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