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The Globalists Have Panicked and Now Are Very Desperate


The Globalists Have Panicked and Now Are Very Desperate

By Jamie McIntyre

The Globalists have panicked and now are very desperate.
They are moving all their plans forward rapidly.
Time is now of the essence.

Grass roots resistance urgently need.
Gun sales in America have emptied the shelves.
Australians and kiwis are left undefended.

If you don’t have 90 days worth of food aside and cash then make it happen.
Prepare plans to leave cities at short notice as stage 5 lockdowns are coming, which will mean it’s then to late to get out of cities.
Governments will soon panic and become extremely dangerous, as will the police and military as they lose control around the world.

Civil unrest and food shortages are a given.
And mass deaths from the bs 19 vaccines covered up as bs variants.

Here’s what others had to say:

Julz Silver
we absolutely are at war

Mary Tecoma
Horrific Findings in the Blood of CV Vaccinated.

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