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Should You Take the Death Shot and Give a Victory to the Globalists?


Should You Take the Death Shot and Give a Victory to the Globalists?

By Jamie McIntyre

Should you take the death shot and give a victory to the Globalists or maybe wait, research and discover we are at war?
And just maybe committing suicide by taking the bs 19 jab,might not be the smartest thing to do ?

I’m not sure committing suicide by taking the jab,will put and end to anything other then human life . I mean the immunity these fake Covid vaccines give is to the vaccine makers.

A fake vaccine for a fake pandemic.
Those taking the jab are simply selfish, to trusting,grossly misled, and scared of a falsified pandemic.
Covid can’t kill you unless you are sick, and dying,and they can easily falsify your death certificate – not scared of flu before Covid why be now?

But the Covid jab will kill and injure and is already. ( 50 million estimated injuries and over 500,000 deaths from the vaccine already and rising rapidly, if that’s not enough to make you pause, – just wait 3 more months, when millions are dead ,and hundred of millions sick,and dying- or wait 6-12 months when it’s in the billions – and you are now a super spreader infecting your family and friends – )
By taking it you are selling humanity down the drain.

Surely your life is worth more then 2 free Krispy Kreme donuts and a free Bunnings sausage.
We are at war.

Just because the shots are silent, doesn’t mean they aren’t deadly – 4 Billion shots fired already,and most still think this is about Covid .
We are all on this together, and everyone that decides to take the jab,is another death shot to the arm, and one more lost to the Globalists.

At least put up a fight for humanities survival.
Everyone that refuses is a win to humanities survival.
It’s not a vaccine either. So it’s not about being an anti vaxxer.
100% of the animals tested on it died, and you want to take it because, what the Tv presenters paid to sell it , reading a script made by big Pharma, said so ????

It’s designed to kill and de populate- ( that would explain why Pfizer vaccine when reversed engineered by independent scientists discovered its 99.9% industrial poison- Graphene ) they don’t care if you don’t understand or not – they aren’t going to ask you to volunteer to
do your bit for the planet and disappear.

They can’t machine gun us all to death,as we’d go to war ,so this is a much better way.
Re brand the flu as a deadly pandemic.

Invent cases ie convince people you can have no symptoms and still somehow be sick with this do deadly Pandemic that 90% show no symptoms, and you’re somehow sick.
Lock people down.
Track them.

Introduce totalitarian lockdowns and introduce communism to fight a so called pandemic that in 10% might suffer flu symptoms at best ?.
Lock downs will be permanent you realise ?

And some are dumb enough to believe the only path back is to inject deadly poison into you, because the Tv presenter told them so.
That’s it’s somehow sane and rational to partake in a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, untested, unproven,dodgy and fraudulent Global Medical Experiment for a flu?
That they can’t show 1 single death from ?

And no one has bothered to check Covid even exists ( if you did ,you’d find out it doesn’t – it’s never been isolated)
But 4 million have died – ( said who – let me guess the idiot box who have presenters paid to tell you anything? )

We’re do you find millions dying every year – easy – mmm that’s easy – let’s try aged care homes – if we can’t find enough dying we’ll starve them , dehydrate them, put them on end of life drugs , and ban their pesky relatives from visiting – and add Covid to their death certificate and claim the massive inducements – as has happened now in the UK, Canada and Australia and the Us and no doubt elsewhere )
But we have cases found in Gold Coast and across Australia ( do we – considering there isn’t even a test kit that can detect Covid verse a normal flu – any cases are nothing but a few people that might have some flu fragments )

Don’t be a victim and fall for such a conspiracy theory
Ask questions and demand evidence from your Goverments and the Globalist owned media or take a death shot and die in agony ( at least put money aside for your funeral costs or body bag – or worse for full time medical care you’ll need within the next 3 years )
You’ll regret taking it.

And if you prefer to trust a dodgy drug spruiking politician or dodgy tv presenter paid for by the Government and Big Pharma then I have a $1 million challenge out their publicly that the bs 19 jab is designed to de populate the planet and already is.
They can’t make enough body bags to bury the future dead.

By all means , roll your sleeve up and commit suicide because it said so on tv 📺
Sell humanity down the drain.
Youll regret it . But don’t say you weren’t warned.
Stop falling for the conspiracy theories that we have a deadly Covid pandemic pushed on conspiracy channels such as CNN, BBC and ABC, Channel 7,9,10.

Ask for evidence, think a little.
Or pay the ultimate price.
$1 million also for anyone that can show evidence Covid is a real pandemic.
Ask your tv presenter or local politician to be $1 million up that what they are spruiking to you is the truth.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chad Samson
“only way i can see an end to all these crazy lockdowns”
Thats because the tv has been repeating that slogan for months now.

Zell Crawford
No way in hell. Not for me. Not for mine. We need leaders to stand up and then others will follow. We need all these good Aussie parties to form one organisation to stop the tyranny. We need this now.

Uyen Ly
Published in 2015 by Chinese scientists…

John Wes
The only way this will stop if we the people say no and stop these criminal s

Emma Westbrook
Are you sure about 500,000 deaths from the vaccines? Show me your source please as I’m genuinely curious about it.
Edit: 10 hours on, I’m still waiting despite your online presence.
I suspect you pulled a random large number to report here merely as a scare tactic. Shameful!!!

Lisa Maree
I’m so scared of this world right now I did not want to be alive to witness what is about to unfold..I try talking to my family and anyone they think I’m crazy and have their heads burried in the sand. The other side seems a better option right now than seeing all this happening.

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