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Remember we are fighting for our families – as our Govts no longer are


Remember we are fighting for our families – as our Govts no longer are

By Jamie McIntyre

Fight for your family, our parents and children. And for them not to be co erced, bullied and effectively murdered by dodgy Covid vaccines that are rushed to market, unproven, untested, unnecessary and deadly and dangerous,and to have a world worth living in – a world where civil liberties and human rights are protected – and we no longer have that – are you willing to go to war against our enemies hiding in the shadows or our society – we want a peaceful revolution and to do that , then once and for all the criminal elites must be deleted and removed from our societies – they have infiltrated every level – but now we know who they are – we outnumber them – let’s eradicate the reason we have had wars and poverty and financial theft via excessive taxes caused by the Rothschilds corrupted central banking Federal Reserve system and all the cancers and deaths created by the Rockefeller’s control of western medicine – (most cancers have been made deliberately in a lab and released to de populate the planet killing 1-7 of us – yet they still haven’t been brought to account) the world doesn’t have to suffer any of this – if we chose to expose the criminal elite once and for all- let’s no longer live in denial or fear of this vermin. The time has come to liberate humanity and take back our country and take back our world from the Globalists and Covid fraudsters – delete the criminal elite before they delete us.


Here’s what others had to Say:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family…….they must be SO proud of you

Beautiful family Jamie. we will win

We only get family once Jamie love your footage

What a lovely looking family

Family is everything. Thank-you for speaking up Jamie.

Absolutely we are.

Beautiful 🤩 Such a lovely family. Sending you all a big hug. Thanks for your daily courage💎 The Truth is reaching those that are ready to be woken up. One person at the time. One day at the time. Slowly but surely we will heal the human disconnect. We are many. The moment we stop complying is the moment when the tide turn.

You are a beautiful human being.

Love this Jamie. This is what we’re fighting for! Thanks for sharing all you do and being just who you are! The world would have more of a chance if we just kept punching back!

Governments have lost touch with humanity – consumed by Covid – angry that a significant percentage of people are not buying into it.

Good on you mate.
I absolutely love your videos.Blunt as fuck.

My mum who was 68 passed away on May 21st this year, 14 days after receiving her 1st dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. I found her body when I went to pick her up for an appointment. There was foam coming from her mouth. When she went for her doctors appointment to receive this vaccine she was asked by the nurse administering it ‘don’t you have a history or heart disease and diabetes’ to which my mum replied ‘your my doctors you have my records all there’… the nurse then said ‘im surprised we are giving you this vaccine’ but went ahead and gave it to her … the day before we were to cremate her the hospital contacted the funeral home to ask for my mums body back to do further investigation. Of course the cause of death was ‘a sudden massive heart attack’

I’m ready when you are Jamie! But how ? I’ve done as much as I can by standing up for my rights and my families, told many people what’s going to happen, I’ve lost friends and family and some work so where do I go when this all goes down ? I’ve got a sick partner that can’t fight and kids but I’m ready to …. has Australia got anyone that will protect us ?? Or is there somewhere I can hide my family while I fight ??

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