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Protests Against the Left-Wing Billionaire Socialists Scamming BS 19 Fraudsters and Their De Population Agenda


Protests Against the Left-Wing Billionaire Socialists Scamming BS 19 Fraudsters and Their De Population Agenda

By Jamie McIntyre

Black Lives Matter protests are allowed to go ahead of course ( as if you support dodgy fraudulent protests you can’t catch Covid apparently – BLM actually stands for build another mansion – not 1 cent of the billion dollar business BLM is has ever helped a black person ) as Globalist old white guy , Billionaire dead beat George Soros( Bill Gates pal ) ( who doesn’t care much for black people or any people ) who is behind such scams , along with the Covid fraud. As they run the show , as our sell out politicians follow there orders.

So dodgy fraudulent protests are allowed.
Protests against the left wing billionaire socialists scamming Covid fraudsters and their de population agenda.
No can’t have that.

It would spread Covid unlike the racist Black Lives ( Black Supremacy ) pushed by ugly white guys to divide to conquer doesn’t
Anyone still believes anything that comes from these dodgy weak de masculated billionaire kiddie fiddlers is going to end up on the wrong side of history ( or 6ft under if you believe in their Covid fraud and take the Covid jabs)

Here’s what others had to say:

Phil Celima
You do realize its a smart virus…it has learnt about crossing borders at times that suit the government….that bat sure was destined for something big!

Roslyn Tycehurst
Spot on Jamie 👏👏👏

David Nicholas
black people don’t get covid, i heard it on CNN


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