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“Pro-China “before the Coronavirus


“Pro-China “before the Coronavirus.

By Jamie McIntyre

I was “Pro-China “before the Coronavirus
Now I see them as a significant threat to the world.
Especially there partnering with some of the elite that would sell America out to simply get rid of any President or anyone that opposes the “New World Order“ agenda which is a China communist-led one.

The UN and WHO is full of socialist/communist nutters as is a lot of America strangely.

I’m sure many with commonsense, now share concerns over how a world may be under a totalitarian society.

Any Chinese citizens who support human freedoms will have to try and create a peaceful revolution from within, however that may not always end well.

If I was living in Hong Kong as a Chinese citizen, I would be preparing to leave, and Australia should offer visas to the cream of the crop.

Protesting in Hong Kong is no longer a safe option nor will it achieve ones wish. The communist regime will simply crush them and then plan a take over of Tawain.

Australia needs China economically, but we need to shift to “high-end manufacturing and diversify away from China”.

Easier said than done but regardless we must maintain a manufacturing base (or should I say recreate one) even if it means a tax-free economic zone and imported cheaper labour – otherwise, we can’t compete – the unions will go crazy but how else can it be achieved – and industries that are a national interest we must – plus we would still need to get cheap power from somewhere (we need to retake over Victoria from communist Dan Andrews China-led takeover as well – and support political change in NZ to get it back from China as well as we don’t want Chinese military bases popping up under Chinese funded NZ Prime Minister Modern – the media is so nice to her which is, of course, another sign of why one should be wary of her communist agendas)

China has brought us great benefits but the idea they would move towards democracy as they grew is no longer credible.

Their system is far more efficient and powerful than the broken western corrupted system so unless we change our ways we simply will not be able to compete.

Australia should also develop better relations with Russia and Putin, a leader wanting peace and opposing the New World Order who has found the West to sadly be unreliable partners as the deep state industrial-military complex needs Russia to be perceived as an enemy to scare Us taxpayers and us into spending more and more on weapons. Putin who is routinely attacked by the left-wing extreme mainstream media (which means he is actually one of the good guys – he is worth listening to his interviews to hear his actual views verse the media manipulated ones – RT news is somewhat way more impartial than CNN so who are the kings of propaganda-how the world has changed – bottom line the Cold War ended a long ago so maybe we should move on from Russia hating as it’s no longer communism and now especially a new Cold War is starting with China – we do not want to move China and Russia closer – Russia, if America falls, is the only counterbalance to complete world takeover by China and the deep state – I much rather live in Russia than China).
And India is where we should focus a lot more energy on

Politically and culturally we have a lot more in common with then China.

We should assist India’s growth as much as possible and grow trade significantly to lessen our over-reliance on China

China had its chance to do the right thing yet it’s chosen to head down a path of confrontation which isn’t smart but smacks of sheer arrogance – perhaps it copies too much from the West

And sadly US voters may end up handing the US into the hands of China as many would rather do that then get over their Presidents “hairstyle or personality.”

A big price to pay for personality politics.

As adult voters, we may need to mature or continue to be manipulated as fools the manipulators think we are.

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