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Overpopulation is a myth


Overpopulation is a myth.

By Jamie McIntyre

Very true . Gates and his elite (trust fund babies ) and vaccine cronies ,who think they have the right to “ play God “ are so wrong re population.
Read the book Empty Planet “ as to why our population is going to peak on it’s own accord at 9 billion 2040-50 and go into decline on its own accord. #emptyplanet


Here’s what others had to say:

melissa.hoehn.716 (Melissa Hoehn)

There is a video (whose title escapes me) too that shows how the slowing down of population growth because of these scare tactics is putting several countries at risk of extinction, because people are not replacing themselves even. It also pointed out that the breakdown of traditional family values, such as waiting for marriage to have sexual relations and other responsible behavior is part of the problem. Men won’t take responsibility for taking care of a family without some incentives, women too follow selfish paths (these are generalizations highlighting some of the problems at the root of the issue; I am not saying that EVERYone is doing this) and selfishness causes a breakdown in marriages, and ultimately societies; and more to this point: the lack of ideology that draws one to establish a family and reproduce sees our population shrinking. Others are told they are not supposed to, because of this lie of overpopulation, so they think they are doing the world a favor..😢

caroline_bussell (Caroline Bussell)

Agree, and there is plenty of food.

julesmadden (Jules Madden)

We sure shit in our own nest though, for instance, all the plastic in the ocean

montana_moo_ (Loo Loo Belle)

Three years and we’ll see the effects of this vaxx.

md_healing (Dean Morgane)

I was just having that conversation last night and thinking the same thing love it!!!

pl_millar (Paula 🌺)

Well said 👏👏👏

christurner87 (Chris Turner)

I read all humans live on 1% of the land on earth.

siobhan.humston.artist (Siobhán Humston)

That last bit: turn lawns into gardens!!! Grow your own shit if you can and support those who do, if you can’t. We are not separate from nature -we ARE nature.

daniplowman2 (Danielle)

I think if they can pull this genius evil shit off, then surely we can remove pollutants just as easily. In fact, all the worlds issues could be sorted in a year. Surely!!

pips_maxi (Kim Maxi)

I believe you are correct👍👍

grummy56 (tanja chester)

So so so true… If we all had the mindset that we have enough.. And to share what we don’t need.. The wastage of human endeavours is at its peak… Causing needless poverty.. Hunger.. And disproportionate wealth…

therealhousewifedambambbie (Therealhousewifedambambbie)

Absolutely. Uni used to shove down our throats the underpopulation crisis Japan, Korea and China now face but hmmmmm… that gets ignored now 😂

bigalbundy8 (BIG AL)

Look the world is population is out of control, but they way Gates and his mates are going about it is nothing short or barbaric! Let people die of old age then tell families to have no more that 2 children.

girasolleh (Girasole)

Well I think the Russians got their hands on some yummy stuff, hacking The Pentagon, Homeland Security, Microsoft and apparently some Canadian security as well. Oh and some Fortune 500 companies. This should be good. 😉👏🔥

petebaroch (Pete Baroch)

Thanks for sharing this @mcintyrejamie … was just wondering how many scam stories we are fed.

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