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New Globalists Order Given to Sco Mo at the Recent G7


New Globalists Order Given to Sco Mo at the Recent G7

By Jamie McIntyre

New Globalists order given to Sco Mo at the recent G7

They must be concerned Australians might rise up and take their country back , so take their guns off them now.( the few left,who they didn’t take them off, after a certain Port Arthur incident ,which the media also claimed was a conspiracy theory ,”that it was a false flag designed to de arm Australians”, at the time.)

I cant imagine anyone would hand a gun back in now they may have illegally.

Does every Australian have a right to protect their family , even against a forcible deadly poison injections disguised as Bs 19 vaxx that is now looking more and more likely to happen.

We are at war .
The shots fired so far might be silent and injected into the arm but just as deadly as a gun .
I don’t have to tell you what’s coming.

Australia’s population for years by credible sites that the military manufacturers rely on , predicted by 2025 the Australian population would suddenly decline from 25 million to 15 million and the GDP would shrink to only 25% of what it is today. They never offered any reasons for the sudden decline. Europe and the Us a massive 60% population decline was predicted.

We reported on this multiple times even before Covid come to the public’s attention:
Steve Jobs said in life,”it’s hard to join the dots forward , only backwards “.


Here’s what others had to say:

Adam Theuerkauf
U do realise with this amnesty U can register ones that aren’t registered as well instead of handing in to be destroyed

Mark Goldcoast
How do we do the opposite?

Susan Osborne
There are more guns in Australia now than there were before Port Arthur
They’re getting worried that the vaccine rollout isn’t going to go according to plan and want people to be vulnerable

Stuart Perkins
KEEP your guns FFS!!!

Tracey Korman
Thought that when I saw a give back guns ad!

Si Nguyen
Sounds really similar to NZ.


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