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Man up and get your jab to fight the “Man Flu”


Man up and get your jab to fight the “Man Flu”.

By Jamie McIntyre

Man up and get your jab to fight the “Man Flu”. Come on everybody. Do you part to help reduce the world’s population from 6.5 billion,to 1 billion, leaving 900 million slaves for Bill Gates and his fellow elites.

Take one for the team. Do Dr. Bill proud. Be that small sacrifice for the greater good of the “Criminal elite”. Yes, you may die in agony and not be listed as a bs 19 vaxx death or injury and receive no compensation, but you know- the vaccine was designed to eliminate the stupid and you were warned not to take it – but you choose to believe in Bill Gates and his vaccine cronies. The end.


Here’s what others had to say:


Are we supposed to feel sorry for these people? No one has a gun to your head….yet, so line up at your own risk and deal with the consequences, sorry, love from the awakened world 👀

shametoethemagnificent (Proudfoot Luke)

It is a bad thought, but how is this. I like the fact that the sheep of the world are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of mankind. Then I think this will backfire for the ‘great reset’ because it will leave the independent thinkers in the planet. Problem with this thought is some people we live will suffer.

lewindspirit (Alexandre)

I’m trying to find her profile before forwarding to others. It seems it doesn’t exist?

giordanastammi (Giordana Stammi)

People that take it deserve the consequences.

heidi.caruana (Heidi Caruana)

Very well said 🙌👏

jaynebryson (Jayne | Mindset | Leader)

Why isn’t that on the news?

amandakelsa (Amanda Flank-Locklear)

Ya…no thanks

sez_leigh (Sarah)

Is this report Australian?

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