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Let’s use our own decentralised currency – for the people by the people which can’t skim or manipulate


Let’s use our own decentralised currency – for the people by the people which can’t skim or manipulate.

By Jamie McIntyre

Firstly, I thank everyone for the great citizen of Journalism and acknowledge everyone’s courage to be open-minded and willing to discover the truth and face the current world reality as opposed to live in denial.

It’s a force to be reckoned with the collective research of everyone sharing articles and intell and adds massive value.

The greatest weapon we have against the criminal elite i.e. the Globalists is exposing their fraud and propaganda.

The Great Awakening verse the Great Reset.

A race against time to save humanity.

The other weapon we have is dumping the centrally controlled fiat currencies and supporting crypto currencies the Globalist don’t control.

This is why I was invited 4 years ago to be a part of developing Bitcoin 2.0 after being an early investor in Bitcoin and author of one of the first books predicting the rise of Bitcoin and I held the first Australian Global Bitcoin Conference.

To defeat Bill Gates and co we need a lot of financial resources.

I’ve funded millions into ANR and World Solutions Foundation for years to help make a change. But now I realise we must all get better at using our people power more to win this war and access more resources.
Whether that’s dumping support of Globalists companies, mainstream media, and others plus raising money to fund independent media to help win this propaganda war we are in.

We either get massively resourced or remain hamstrung against powerful wealthy enemies.

And crypto is one way we can create massive wealth to fight back.
Collective it’s estimated I’ve help my clients generate between $2-$3 billion in increased networth in the last 20 years and now with massive rise of Bitcoin a lot more wealth for many that listened to me when I said buy it at $120.

I’m calling on many of those clients and Australian National Review Followers to donate to our not for profit causes to crank up the attack on the Globalists, Gates and his vaccine cronies and mainstream media.

So if we have to bribe you to donate we will and that’s why we have been very grateful for Bitcoin 2.0 in their generosity in giving our donors massive incentives to help them all do well.

If Bitcoin 2.0 only succeeds at a low level it will drive independent media into a powerful weapon against our enemies.

If it does really well we will have massive financial resources to fight back.

It lists May 26th in a low-key listing, so please support it if it resonates with you, read more at:

It’s our best chance.

Our larger donors who can donate $25,000 or more get 10-1 or $250,000 in Bitcoin 2.0 at its May 26th current trading price. It goes only to $0.80 cents that’s $1 million a $25,000 donor earns.

However, that offer ends April 21st, and it becomes $50,000 to get $250,000 and April 26th $125,000 and May 26th $250,000.

Smaller donors of $500 get $1500 or $1000 get $3000 worth which ends soon to.

It’s not for everyone and in life there are no guarantees.
However, if we don’t get large scale funding we remain heavily disadvantaged against at our well funded enemies.
Bitcoin 2.0 and support of independent media in my opinion is our best bet to create the financial resources to win this war and to help our followers become more resourced and rewarded.

This would hopefully then boost the army of those that could work for our cause voluntary as they could live off their crypto profits.

The enemy amassed their wealth by rigging our fiat monetary system.

Let’s cut them out and use our own decentralised currency – for the people by the people which they can’t skim or manipulate.

It’s our world not theirs, and it’s our money not theirs.

So let’s claim our money back and use our own currency they don’t control.

Jamie McIntyre

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