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Jamie McIntyre speech today at the Millions March


Jamie McIntyre speech today at the Millions March.

By Jamie McIntyre

My speech today at the Millions March –
My apologies for not swearing ha


Here’s what others had to say:


All the better too without the bad language


So good Jamie. 👏


Great speech! 👏


Good turnout. Melbourne wasn’t quite as lucky unfortunately. Storm troopers everywhere ruining our fun!


Thank goodness for Jamie. More info is needed on how to protect ourselves from employers “strongly recommending” taking vaccine. I wonder how many of us will loose our jobs for not taking jabs?


Wish I was there! First place I’m going when they lift this crap! Love from Canada🇨🇦❤️


What would be the reason for a lockdown in QLD on June 27th? Great turn out and soeeches today.


We were there your speech was powerful and empowering 🔥🙌


Great speech Jamie! I’m off to the London March for Freedom now, we’re hoping for 1 million!


Awake is what we are 💯 it’s a silent war with no bullets and by god we will fight. Scomo answer the ???? you were asked here today from all awake Australians.


Fantastic Jamie! Well done man. Here in Ireland we are the most compliant country in Europe. 🙄 A nation of conformists. I’m not one bit surprised given our Catholic Church dictatorship history. I’d do anything to wake these sheeple up. Only a few hundred protested and were painted as scumbags across RTE (Ireland’s national broadcaster aka propaganda) I’m a student nurse who declined and was pulled from placement. A group of us (healthcare students/staff) around Ireland had to come together and the chief medical officer retracted but the treatment from my college has been shocking. Well done again Jamie, I’m every step of the way behind you on this matter. ☘️🙌


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