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Jamie McIntyre speaks at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference


Jamie McIntyre speaks at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference

By Freedom of Choice event


Jamie McIntyre speaks at The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference -THE CENSORSHIP OF THE VACCINATION DEBATE IN AUSTRALIA TODAY! Co-Founder of 21st Century Education

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of over 12 companies that have turned over in excess of $60 million dollars annually. With reach in industries such as Education, Trading, Accounting, Land Development, US Property, Media, Publishing, TV and in the past Finance Broking, Stock Broking and Recruitment. The 21st Century Group grew to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia.

Today Jamie focuses on mostly not for profit projects to help make a positive difference to the less fortunate and to help society evolve.

Jamie is also the founder of one of Australia’s growing political parties, “21st Century Australia” and was one of the original founder’s of the “Australian National Review” newspaper.

20 years ago Jamie realised the world needed a 21st Century Modern day education rather than the current out-dated education system created in the industrialisation era of the 19th Century. A “21st Century” education that was better than school or university and taught by those with a PhD in Results, not just theory. An Education – For Life!

After producing such outstanding results in so many areas of his life, Jamie decided to fulfill a promise he made to one of his personal mentors and pass on what he had learnt to others. From this, the 21st Century Education and the 21st Century Group was born.

Today, Jamie has educated more than 550,000 people worldwide from over 17 different countries and helped thousands achieve financial abundance and long-term success.

Nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ in 1999 for his achievements, Jamie is a successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator, hosting on his stage some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs (such as Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

He is also the author of numerous globally applauded publications such as the best-selling books ‘What I Didn’t Learn At School But I Had’ and “ Think and Grow Rich in the 21st Century ‘

His latest and most controversial book is ” The Great Vaccine Con ” which he wrote after studying the Vaccine Industry for many years and as a result of many doctors and Scientists pleading for him and ANR to expose the industry.

Jamie decided 12 months ago to challenge a put up or shut up for those falsely stating “Vaccines are safe and effective “ by offering $1 million to any one who can independently prove vaccines are safe and effective on the basis they put up a $1million also. So far there has been no takers.

Before the Vaccine industry he exposed the Australian Financial Planning Industry for its deceptive conduct which saw him targeted by industry regulators for his stance although this did not sway him from warning and educating mum and dad investors about the industry. The conference was organised by volunteer group Australia Let’s Talk About Vaccines. For more information, and to keep up-to-date on events about vaccine choice, follow our website and Facebook.

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