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It’s time to delete the elite?


It’s time to delete the elite?

By Jamie McIntyre

Join me on telegram – over 10,000 global citizen journalists exposing the Covid fraudsters and Globalists agenda – become part of the resistance as we plan to take back Australia and take back our world in a peaceful revolution. It’s time to delete the elite. The Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s will be made pay for their atrocities and what they have done to our world . No longer will we cower to these satanic criminal elites . We out number them. It’s time to shine the light of truth on them . Stop supporting their corrupt global central banking system and medical mafia. Globally let’s strike – pay no more taxes. Stop going to work . Bring these fuckers to there knees. We are launching our own global currencies – we don’t need their blood stained Criminal monetary system. Why let them print fake money that you and I have to work for. It’s our money not theirs. Tell them and their puppets to go fuck themselves . We know now who they are and watch them try and run .Anyone that supports these Covid fraudsters is the enemy of the people.

Here’s what others had to say: 

It doesn’t matter what you use as currency as long as the value of that currency is worth what the face value is. That’s why currency in the past was based on precious metals. The only other real means of trade is barter !! You have something of worth to exchange for what you need. I say forget about Crypto currency because they are worthless, we should only trade in things of value, not just face value but real value!!!

Being the less c vaxxed country in the world, let’s stage weekly boycotts of major retail, news, pharmaceutical, petrol and banking outlets. Someone I know actually researched this, it would only take .02% of us to do this to collapse the globalists control. That’s how weak it is, we CAN do something. We have the power united, hit em where it hurts most. In the pocket and get behind all small businesses if u wanna go all out. Boycott all major corporations and support our communities. It’s that easy.

Your no BS take no prisoner passion is EPIC. Love it – glad to be awake during this time with someone like yourself.

Can someone please explain to me how to use telegram? I found ANRNews but it wouldn’t allow me to join or expand the page. Is it me or is something else going on here?

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