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It’s Time To Delete the Criminal Elite


It’s Time To Delete the Criminal Elite

By Jamie McIntyre

The Rockefeller,Rothschilds and Bill Gates Foundations, need to have their funds frozen, and all those involved in them arrested for crimes against humanity.

It’s time to delete the criminal elite .

Anyone supporting these fraudulent foundations, or taking their money should be jailed as well.

Let’s eliminate the real virus on the planet once and for all. That’s these corrupted Foundations.

Here’s what the others had to say:

Cameron Smith
Unfortunately a world where that might happen doesn’t exist.

Lisa Maree
Should we just take all our money out of the bank ?

Maggie Barnes
Their absolute EVIL is slowly unravelling & i have no doubt that’s why our government is now in such a rush to get everyone vaxxed & kill off as many as possible before they’re all brought down.


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