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Its Time for Our PM to Stand Down


Its Time for Our PM to Stand Down

By Jamie McIntyre

It’s time for Our PM to stand down – he has lost confidence of the nation.

Calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to stand down and enable a peaceful revolution. He and both major parties have lost confidence of Australian people and is following foreign orders set by the Globalists. It’s also time we create our own national digital currency and end the farce of the Rothschilds run central banking system so we can fund our own armies and own Governments representative of the people. The next step is to go on a tax strike and to simply stop supporting the illegal foreign controlled regime in control of our nation.The Globalists time is over. The Great Reset is to be stopped at all costs. Delete the Globalists elite before they delete us.



Here’s what others had to say:

I can’t for the life of me understand why others can’t see this happening.


Thanks Jamie…getting scary now.
You have spoken how I feel!!! I will always push back till the day I die!!

Go you good thing!!!

Thank you for all that you do.

Oh Jamie, I am with you. We need your voice in Canada to say this to our Prime Minister! You are loved.

Jamie, you would make a great leader ….. go Jamie.

His master will tear him from limb to limb he is to far gone ! He is a puppet has zero control his globalist and CCP mates driving the country into the dirt!

Making videos and content is one thing. But what else can be done to get more result and take the power away from scott Morrison etc.

Thank you Jamie! Let’s bring these F%cking pricks down!

Honey I just fell in love, and I dont do that anymore.

Can u post the legislation passed last year to forcibly jab??? I saw it for WA, but did not know I’d was National.

I would willingly follow this man into war, time for revolt.

So Jamie, being in business all the years you must know alot of people with more power to do something. What else are you and them doing?

Sacred Fire ON. No pride in genocide lock up the Freemasons

Yes yes yes…lets get this done…how do we go about this?

Thanks Jamie. You say it so well. So many of us think the same. Yes Morrison must step down. And it is War.. my only amazment is that are all still alive.

I don’t see how it’s feasible to stay 15 mtres away from the jabbed that’s what get me I tried to warn my neighbour who is already dealing with current health’s too late she was coerced to keep her job in the health sector 😞 very concerned kiwi.

Now Jamie, when you are deleted, I expect the same high quality, reved up, passionate, colourful expressions, swearing (oh yes, I love it when you tell them what you really think; by God its invigorating) and predictions on Your Telegram page. Friggin loved your video yesterday..todays one was a bit tame..but the message sends a shiver down my spine so getting well prepared cos the mother pluckers can get stuffed. I will not acquiesce to these mongels. Fatty scomo, hear up, or your minders keep reading, the public is increasingly getting jacked of your parasitic carnage. The rise up movement is gaining momentum. Keep up the dialogue Jamie. Its inspiring and real.

I have no idea how none of them have been assassinated yet.

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