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Is the empowerment of women one of the key solutions to winning the war?


Is the empowerment of women one of the key solutions to winning the war?

By Jamie McIntyre

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A post shared by Jamie McIntyre (@mcintyrejamie)


Here’s what others had to say:

I’ve seen mostly women stand up in day to day life. Maskless and strong with their children. I’ve seen plenty more men tatted up, roided up with masks. It’s an upside down world, the Mums with an air of defiance knowing no-one will look after their kids like themselves, and the ‘hard cunts🤣’ meekly obeying the ‘directives’ and still thinking they are tough guys with their wee little face nappies but ‘look at me Tatts!’ 90% of men under 35 have sleeves but I’m hard! What was that? Directive? Mask on!!’ I may offend some men and the ones I do? You know exactly why. Others with the Tatts, roids and all in between thinking they’re hard? Stand the fuck up and stop letting Mums and children bear the brunt of your cowardice.

insta_dan_ (Dan Rve)
If you look worldwide it’s the women who are driving in many areas at calling out this rubbish. Im sad to say but most strong blokes have been castrated by societies willingness to cancel.

chronos9987 (Joel James Milburn)
Less about women and more about feminine energy, but who does feminine energy better than females? 😊 Feminine energy drives changes and creativity but beware its possibility to destroy structure. I think this is known by those in power. That perhaps strong and even medievil masculine energies of order (Emanated by both men and women) are still driving this. They are willing to distort the natural world by promoting feminine energies and causes in order to enact massive change. Be careful what you wish for, I’m anti transhumanism but it may be innevitable. It seems the human race as a whole is scared of death (not me, I embrace nature) and some rich folk believe they can buy a solution (Egyptians?!). Who is learning? Can’t we all have the ambition and courage to enter and leave life with grace? They have so much money that it’s too easy to drive quickly into a scenario that could have bad long term effects. Nevertheless they are still aware that the solution is not easy, they just beleive that it’s noble. Informed by science. Surrendered to absolutes.

eadievikki (Vikki Eadie)
Love it. People power will win. 👏👏

Good one girls! & Jamie!👏👏👏❤️❤️

paulsmith6040 (Paul Smith)
I totally agree with everything you guys and girls are saying 👏☺😉

miribass7 (Miri)
Oh boy Jamie you have a point here about the decline of societies where the balance has been skewed by corruption and where women’s human rights have been quashed. I have often wondered why this isn’t talked about more because isn’t it key that not just women’s rights but Perhaps this is why in the history of our own Indigenous who some claim they lived on this land for 40 thousand years and more, unyet remained a low population with.

aramintasprinta (Julia Plummer-Fraser)
Highly sexual people are just high frequency people – it’s kundalini in shouty capitals – 😍

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