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Is the Bs 19 vaxx safe, effective and necessary?


Is the Bs 19 vaxx safe, effective and necessary?

By Jamie McIntyre


Here’s what others had to say:

so thankful to have someone with a voice like yours speaking truth. Absolute legend 🙏🏼

Thank you for speaking up, more people need to listen in 👏

I have a 31 yr old patient who is in early ovarian failure 3 mos post jab. 31. Her hormone levels are reading at post menopausal levels. (I posted with her permission today). There are studies coming out of Canada that – and without a super long comment- the spike protein antigen is not staying in the arm muscle when injected (as other vax do) and they are finding high concentrations in many organs including women’s ovaries. It not safe, and for millions the information and proof is “too little too late”.

Unsafe. Ineffective. Unnecessary.

And these jabs have made 9 new Pharma billionaires 😡😡

YM2 spotto , keep up the good work.

The words “jab” is used , to deflect away from what’s actually injected is “virus”, yes “virus” is being injected. What’s in the vials is a adenovirus (containing c19 innards/program/mrna)- that encodes human dna to produce spike protein of c19) . I read that on the Pfizer info given to customers . Imagine if Moronison said ” we are doing a virus rollout, come and get your virus” , which is truth, how many would turn up to get their virus injected . Probably no-one that isn’t batshit crazy would want it.

Please look into United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and 2050. Almost all countries except the sanctioned ones did not sign up to it. There is a long term plan. Please review.

Thanks Jamie for having the courage to speak the truth 👏

They’re covering up how many people have actually died from getting the vaccine.

Thank you for the strong truthful words god bless 👊🙏

Impossible for anything called a “vaccine” that claims to be 90% effective to be anything more than junk science when the “virus” itself is 99.8% ineffective. Pure junk science.

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