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Interview Questions and Answers Newscorp to Australian National Review Founder and Speaker at Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations Jamie McIntyre

Bitcoin 2.0 (XBTC2) Sponsorship Offer for Australian National Review.

Bitcoin 2.0 (XBTC2) Sponsorship Offer for Australian National Review.

Interview Questions and Answers Newscorp to Australian National Review Founder and Speaker at Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations Jamie McIntyre.

By Jamie McIntyre

– How many were at the march and where did it take place?

Approximately several thousand.

Kurrawa Broadbeach Park, Gold Coast Australia, and around major cities Nationally.

– Why do you and the others who joined feel the need to protest this matter?

Because humanity is facing one of its darkest threats in human history.
The Globalist totalitarian, communistic agenda known as the “ the Great Reset “being pushed by the Globalists such as Klaus Schwab (the head of the World Economic Forum )and the likes of Bill Gates (who is dictating Global Health Policy including in Australia despite not being a Doctor.) I.e. using the “Supposed conspiracy theory that we have a Global COVID pandemic “as a Trojan horse to usher in the new world agenda.

They count cases of healthy people as being sick (which is absurd) Covid deaths have been massively inflated to “scare people “into unnecessary and destructive lockdowns, and push a dangerous and increasingly deadly, untested, rushed to market mRNA vaccine, that’s both ineffective, unnecessary and unsafe for something that in the words of many Doctors and Scientists in the recently released “Global Health Organisation” report is “ has a threat level of 2 out 10 now after initial alarm that turned out to be false and stated “If you aren’t fearful of the common cold then you have no reason to be fearful of Covid”.

Their is no accurate PCR test kit for Covid, where many Doctors and Scientists have stated that it’s “Pretty much worthless” and produces false positives at least 50% of the time and many cases 90%.

So the idea of the cases used to lock down states in Australia are nothing short of figments of imagination – and not a health threat worthy of destroying small business and forcing families apart and prevented at times from attending weddings or funerals or loved ones in hospital.

In the words of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, “We need to show more stoicism and get out from living under the doonah – we have faced such threats before with the, “Hong Kong flu in the 60s and we just need to get on with life”.

And in the words of our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison “we need to change our attitude towards Covid to that of a bad flu”,.

– Is it just the COVID-19 vaccine that is the issue?

Correct thats the main issue along with the Great Reset Agenda where “You’ll own nothing but be completely happy”.

Only insane people could suggest we demand, force, coerce, bully and intimidate innocent people into participating in a dangerous Global Medical Experiment. For something that is a falsified pandemic,
and not a serious threat to humanity, in comparison to major causes or deaths such as 1-6 die of heart disease and 1-7 die of cancers.

You have more chance dying of by a lightening Strike then dying by Covid, and unless you’re already sick,dying and elderly,then Covid is not major health threat, yet the Covid vaccines have already killed over 20,000 and injured well over one million (and according to Harvard studies only 1-10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported to Vaers).
So how many deaths and injuries, if all were counted?

This is short term adverse reactions only – how many will die or suffer serious adverse reactions over the coming months and years.

Such a ludicrous and unnecessary Global Experiment is the most foolish idea in human history unless of course you support Bill Gates and other Eugenics enthusiasts that the world needs to rapidly depopulate. (which it doesn’t as the world’s population will peak in 2040-50 at approximately 9 billion and go into natural decline).

– Scott Morrison has suggested a vaccine passport for interstate travel. Is this an example of the vaccine being pushed onto the public?

Hitler also proposed such ideas and everyday people would find that offensive to stop them seeing their family and friends, unless they agree to taking a deadly untested drug (Covid vaccine) that side affect is “death”.
Our Prime Minister should resign over such an idea.

He has suggested to bully people into taking a deadly vaccine.

But it’s not his idea – it would be the idea of his Globalist masters – is our Prime Minister following orders of Foreign Powers or are all these tactics to deceive and mislead innocent and vulnerable Australians into partaking in a vaccine cult – a vaccine religion not based in Science solely his policy ideas?

– What is the answer to help COVID-19 if the public don’t get vaccinated?

Covid is not a serious health threat in comparison to major health threats.
Only 6% of the claimed deaths in the US the CDC admitted actually died of Covid.

In Australia how many have died of Covid that were under age 65 and had no co morbidities?

I suggest less then a dozen, possibly zero. Yet we have destroyed our way of life over something’s that’s had less deaths than the yearly flu.

In the Uk where they claimed “it’s so bad”.

Less then 350

We have more chance of dying in car accidents
1 in 106.

The chances of dying of Covid is almost impossible unless your sick elderly and dying. And then you didn’t die of Covid but of 2 or more serious co morbitities on average.

The idea that our Governments have done a good job of stopping Covid via lockdowns and removing our civil liberties is also absurd.
The Neil Ferguson Imperial College Gates Funded modelling that shut down the world was redacted days later.
So why weren’t lockdowns stopped and immediately reversed if the modelling to enact them was immediately reversed?

The answer is to stop the vaxx rollout before countless more innocents die or suffer lifelong injuries.
Just one preventable vaccine death is to many.
Why is the only immunity Covid vaccines offer is to the vaccine makers if they kill or injure you or your family?
If they are so safe and effective.
Why the need for immunity?

Why the need for vaccinated to still be locked down and masked?

Why does it not stop Covid?

Why highlight it reduces symptoms when lancet highlighted the 95% effectiveness claimed was false – closer to 1.6% and a cold and flu tablet or a glass of water or sleep also reduce flu like symptoms?
With no side effects

Why are proven alternative treatments like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin banned?

Yet deadly dangerous rushed to market unproven vaccines that offer tens of billions in profit being forced upon an innocent population?

Why if these vaccines offer no public health?
Then what is the real agenda behind them?

Why such a strong desperate push to forcibly vaccinate people with zero scientific reasoning?
Jim Jones led 900 people to commit suicide by drinking poison.

How many will our Prime Minister lead to commit suicide by bullying the vulnerable and innocent into taking a vaccine poison?

And why should he be removed and face charges of treason before he continues with his genocide?

I’ve made a public challenge to anyone.

That the average life expectancy of anyone who takes the Covid vaccine will be less than 5-10 years (many Doctors and Scientists have stated 2-3 years)

Anyone can take me up on my challenge.

We are facing the greatest humanitarian disaster ever I predict as do many non bought of Doctors and Scientists

Not from a Covid falsified pandemic but by the insane idea to vaccinate the entire Global Population with a rushed to market vaccine that killed every animal it was tested on.

For something that’s no greater threat then a common cold.

In 1976 after the falsified Swine flu pandemic they forcibly vaccinated Americans and killed 25

The public outrage was so great it was stopped.

Yet here we have over 20,000 recorded deaths which will turn into hundreds of thousands before the year is out and potential millions by next year nor to mention tens of millions or hundreds of millions
that will be injured for life.

Or it could end up even worse.

The Australian Prime Minister should reveal whose orders is his Chief Medical Officers are taking, to push this lunacy and why does he represent Astrazenca interests ahead of Australia’s interest?

And will he state and give assurances to the Australian public that military force will never be used to forcibly vaccinate Australians and if not then why have laws been passed in some states of Australia
already for them to be able to, and why hasn’t he explained this to Australians?

He should also explain why is the Government covering up Covid vaccine deaths in Australia in aged care homes (dozens of deaths already possibly hundreds from on the ground reports) yet claimed 9 approx Australians died of Covid when 90% were already sick and dying and Covid should never have been listed as a cause of death.

Here’s what others had to say:

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