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I’m Seriously Concerned for Anyone’s Mental Health if They Still Fall for the “COVID Is a Pandemic Conspiracy”


I’m Seriously Concerned for Anyone’s Mental Health if They Still Fall for the “COVID Is a Pandemic Conspiracy”

By Jamie McIntyre

I’m seriously concerned for anyone’s mental health, if they still cannot see that Covid is a fraud by now, and still fall for the” Covid is a pandemic conspiracy”.

My fear is they’ll commit suicide by taking the deadly jab and join the death cult herd. The need to be part of the herd is strong in them.

The only pathway back to normal is to stop believing in this blatantly obvious fraud, pushed by Covid fraudsters

I have half a dozen million challenges publicly available for over a year, that it’s a fraud and still no takers.

Please for humanity’s sake, turn the idiot box off, and cease being an idiot, one that believes in the greatest scam of the century. Before you are manipulated enough, to partake in a rushed-to-market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, untested, idiotic, fraudulent, insane, and ludicrous Global Medical Experiment.

Please, we can end this fraud – we just need 70% plus to hit a threshold of intelligence and see the Bs.

Come on Aussies, the world is watching us and we aren’t exactly inspiring in the world with our lack of spine to stand up to these Covid fraudsters.

We are meant to have good bs detectors.

Come out of the trance – switch of the programming – stop taking your news from the vaccine sponsored idiotic box, with idiotic box presenters who interview idiot health ministers

I’ll buy you the 2 Krispy Kreme donuts and a Bunnings sausage if you don’t take the jab

End this vaccine extremism pushed by crazy vaccine extremists- they have lost the plot, are mentally insane, and weren’t happy killing your granny to inflate Covid deaths, but now want your children.

If we simply say not to the jab we win

If they slowly get more and more of the country to submit to the jab then it’s all over.

Stop falling for the lies, if you don’t you will lose your job, you won’t travel again

Take it and you’ll never travel again or have a job for long as you’ll be sick and dying – don’t believe –

Just watch and see how many body bags are needed by Xmas globally – all blamed on a bs variant which is code for – cover up bs 19 jab death and injury so the idiots still won’t wake up just like the hapless politicians just follow orders.

Here’s what others had to say:

Mick Johannesson
My friends/family over in Sweden keep asking me what is happening here down under if we got no spine at all. I say too many if they got one it is made of rubber, I personally never experienced so many gullible people anywhere and I have been travelling a lot not sure what happened to the society if it is the TV and its fraudulent news, the Fluoride in the water, too much xenoestrogen from all the plastics and other toxic products if chemtrails changed the behaviour (not many seems to detox) also could be the vaccines in the past and the new experimental injections… whatever it is the sleepwalking individuals of today seems to have forgotten what their parents/grand parents/ancestors fought for and died for, our freedom. I can not fathom so many can not use common sense and logic to see the agenda.

Debra Metras
USA is the same way. We are doomed.

Danielle Simpson
This sounds horrible I know as I don’t want anyone partaking in this experiment but what if so many do turn it away and see the truth and the 80% rate isn’t achieved?? Will they then forcibly inject us??
I’m in the 20%…

Pie Fauchelle
I just can’t understand what even these ‘ awake’ people are waiting for.
Letter, emails, petitions ???
It’s not going to just disappear after 1 globally organised march. No wonder they picked the 2 isolated countries Australia and NZ to test dummy. because the populations of both are compliant. NZ is currently trialling the poison the Chinese have developed in 1000 people… why did they choose NZ
Well for a start it’s under CCP rule … but the 3 reasons I read were, 1) no cv19 in the country 2) testing the herd immunity 3) a compliant population
Jeeez wishes people would get some mongrel in them.
Stalin plucked the live chicken then fed it grain to show the people how easy it is to weaken something then have it follow you.
So many people are plucking their own feathers started with 😷 then QR scanning .. each and every time they comply with this they lose another feather.

Jon Geoghegan
The 24/7 propaganda is victimising the weak-minded. The social narrative is turning dark.

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