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I Think it’s Prudent to Prepare for A Plan B Backup of Your Food Supply Chain for Your Family

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Bitcoin 2.0 (XBTC2) Sponsorship Offer for Australian National Review.

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I think it’s Prudent to Prepare for A Plan B Backup of Your Food Supply Chain for Your Family.

By Jamie McIntyre

I think it’s prudent to prepare for a Plan b back up of your food supply chain for your family.

This isn’t to cause panic, but we need to become more self-sustaining anyhow, so when would now be a good time to act ?

Maybe growing some food in your backyard, (soil and trays from Bunnings), add a water tank if you can, or always have spare water.

If you can afford it have a plan b holiday home or Glamping tent location in the country, even if it’s not far from the city.

There is imenient threats that have been made against food supply chains and large cities are heavily exposed to a disruption.
They are vulnerable. A city could fail within weeks of a food supply disruption.

The world needs to move away from centralisation and Globalisation, (and the dangerous Globalist billionaires desire to control the world and every aspect of your life) to a self sustaining, decentralised way of life, starting with our food supply.

So regardless of what you think may or may not be coming, is it not a good idea to all become more self-sufficient and less reliable on our unreliable Governments and their puppet masters?

Taking the simple things we enjoy now, such as food, water and petrol, and assuming it is always easily available, in this new world order is inherently complacent and risky.

The Tree change is now a fast moving trend as more will want to move out of cities.
Watch how many will desert Melbourne soon.

Big city life is not sustainable and inherently risky, until the attempted Globalists coup going on right now is dealt with.

The looneys have taken over, and the world is in a dangerous and vulnerable place.

Until they are defeated and common sense prevails, everyone should start planning a plan B life that’s more self-sustaining.

Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

Or simply move to a more self-sustaining way of life for the planets sake.

Those in the country will be least affected.
A year ago this would have sounded crazy to even suggest, however we are living in crazy times and you haven’t seen anything yet.
The quarantine camps are coming.

But now it’s a realistic scenario to be prepared for potential attack on food supplies or deliberate disruption by the Globalists to then force dependency on the Government and only the vaccinated to get welfare and food to survive.

In fact the creator of the Great Reset and pusher of Global communism has stated as such, “that only the vaccinated will get Government food packages when the food shortages come.

They want us to eat insects and Gates lab grown meat.
Gates has bought up a large amount of the US food supply and land already. His de population agenda would be fast tracked with simply creating a food supply disruption – even more deadly than a falsified pandemic and kill more than the C vaccines will.
In history remember most famines were man made by those who had too much power.

If you trust your life and your families to Bill Gates plans for the world then no need to do anything. Remain vulnerable and exposed to their “New World Order“.
If not, then the game has changed, and we need to adjust or be left vulnerable and exposed.

Here’s what others had to say:

1. Paul Macdonald
Sadly I agree. It’s crazy how desperate they are to Vax us. That should be telling the most brain dead sheep but no.

2. Phil Phil
Great advice!

3. Juke Alexander
Last time I shop at woolies! :shopping_trolley:

4. Kylie Sawtell
I’m sick of trying to tell people I really am there starting to get on my nerves there that blind:rage::rage::rage::rage:.

5. Chris Carden
How can we and what do we need to start doing to wake people and and put a stop to this crazy bullshit.6. Kerri-Ann Price
Yep. That’s why we are self-reliant here and off the grid.

7. Sandy Armstrong
That would be why meat industry workers are in first line for jab :slightly_frowning_face:.

8. Jonathan Charleston
Jamie McIntyre this absolute fucking control freak Psychopath of a man is gaining control of thousands of years worth of seed banks, sequencing, altering them and patenting them, and it sounds like what’s going on over in India right now is the frontline for this fight for our food sovereignty and supply.
It’s truly frighting what this prick is up too.

9. Count-Daniel John Fogarty
Things aren’t going back to normal. This is because of the Grand Solar Minimum. Jamie McIntyre you need to familiarise yourself on what the GSM is. Its starting to cause major upheavals on this planet and will continue to do so as we move towards its peak in 2035.

10. Elise Frances

11. Jane Fitzgerald
I live on 85 acres.. like a mad women planting fruit trees:pray:
I had a dream in the future our property would be surround bu high fences, people with guns protecting the fences food being produced and not enough food for the masses ..
Hope that is not going to happen!

12. Simon Jones
I saw somewhere last night that they are planning Event 202 for that very thing, the food supply chain. Sorry I didn’t save it.

13. Kerry Rolando Lowbridge
Brenden Lowbridge I saw this yesterday. Empty shelves.

14. Barbara Marangidis
We are doomed because the majority have faith in this demonic organization and don’t question this satanic move !! Followers of the devil !! Sheep once you are slaughtered it will be too late …

15. Janelle Ballard
Need to own cattle too now as Gates is after the cows.

16. Halina K. Wis
I’ve been growing food in my backyard, but possum and birds get to it first, bugger !!!

17. Monica Louise
I think you’ll find Bill Gates is buying up huge agricultural land and growing corn etc to be turned in to bio fuels once fossil fuels are gone…he loves Vaclav Smil…

18. David Nieuwenhoven
Got my generator, fuel, cans, batteries, spare freezer, only thing missing is a firearm…

19. Nellie-Grace Beverley
Annabel Changedforever as we talked about today, the Bill Gates thing.

20. Mieko Louise
Thank god I live in the country! I’m seeing the sense in prepping now. Got my own chickens, getting a vege garden setup, knowing local food producers too, going the whole hog and getting a rechargeable generator from solar panels, water purification system, seeds etc etc

21. Jodie Baker
Agree – it was my first thought back in Feb last year

22. Hayat Moussa
I knew the food from markets was deliberately gone and not by the consumers.

23. Jetame Anne
it’s amazing how many have become reliant on the system! if covid has taught you anything, it should be to become self-reliant. if you can’t own and have solar then do other things…it all helps!

24. Steve Kleinhans
I think you’re pretty close to the mark Jamie!

25. Julie Grout
Hence the move to a rural setting 4 years ago.. could smell something in the air! plenty of room for a few tents and caravans. mind you all the geoengineering is more than likely destroying the soil and water supply. still!!

26. Rhonda Rebecca
Jonathan hot topic.

27. Steph Jensen
David Williams self sufficiency.

28. Melanie Gardiner
The shops here in WA had so much missing the other day.

29. Jodi McFarlane
Been preparing for a while now, I feel it’s coming!

30. Carly Wise
The global reset is almost here and Trump will be back in the presidency. The last child has been rescued from the tunnels in Australia and 350 kids were issued to rescue children under the White House from child slavery, dead and alive! It will be ok soon.

31. Nia Ella
Klaus Schwarb from WEF the biggest globalist on the planet has said this about food shortages evil agenda is upon us using pandemics climate crisis to usher NWO agenda.

32. Nellie-Grace Beverley
Anyone that thinks Jamie has lost the plot, shows complete lack of research and understanding there is an agenda which includes food shortages.

33. Mark Byford
Jamie we’ve been prepping for months
Food supply was deliberately held back last year causing the issues, it was a trial to see how much panic was caused
Kill Gates now the biggest US landowner and that’s a guaranteed way to starve people to not grow food
Stock up on water dried goods and a generator bbq etc just be prepared for the grid crash what’s being planned world wide
Good luck friends :pray:

34. Tania Warren
Start growing toilet rolls :wink:
The zombies go for the toilet rolls.

35. Ryszard Sudak
You r si right.

36. Ty Beckwith
A lot of southerners buying up houses in Cairns, driving house prices up and selling within a week. Good time to sell and go self-sufficient I say.

37. Inez N George.
Live in a country town (<2,300 people)
Panic came here by the bus load at the beginning and wiped our shops clean over 2 days, then a further 2 day wait for a half assed attempt at re-stocking.
We ran out of bog roll just as quick as city slickers….but with their help.

38. Shillian Wilke
I get where you are coming from, Jamie. This crap is very scary. And there is not going to be a solution. There will be more such viruses in the future.

39. Elle Jay
UN put out the warning 3 times last year.

40. Deb Bie
It simply amazes me that people are doing this to themselves these egomaniacal billionaires could not get their agendas thru if people didn’t sell their souls to the devil for money and become their minions!

41. Catherine Jade
Jaime, I will join your self sustaining community! Where do we locate?! Getting ready means starting now! It’s a 1-5+ yr plan….

42. Darrin Mills
I hear food prices are increasing that’s a good indicator.

43. Margaret Artis
So agree to having plan people have been mocking serious prepping for years I bet they were prepared when shelves were bare.

44. Wayne Donnelly
Woudnt take much to disrupt the supply chain. How much petrol reserves do we have in this country? About 21 days. In fact it is estimated Australia could be brought to its knees in a week. 18 days of petrol, 22 days of diesel and 23 days of jet fuel. See attached article 19/9/19. Makes Jamie McIntyre post more relevant and hard hitting. Act now

45. Liv Styles
With immunity at the forefront and Vit C a great protector for kids. What’s happening with our Oranges? Below shows Aussie Grown look far less appetising ie Buy against the USA range in our supermarkets. Any oranges I have bought from the local market at least a 1/3 are unedible, dry and some rotten inside. If I was still packing school lunches I would probably buy the “healthier looking USA range”. If I buy the greenish Aussie ones from the Supermarket they are juicy and delicious. But Just wondering what is going on. Making Aussie produce look as unattractive in summer? Yet Valencias are one of the most common orange varieties, and available from November to February – the summer months. They are deliciously sweet and juicy and ideal for juicing. Valencias are mainly grown in the Riverina.

May be an image of fruit and text that says 'Woolies AUST V USA wwwwwwWw Fruit shop AUST V USA Markets Aust Markets Aust oranges from market 1/3 always bad or dry'

46. Simon Jones
Just a screenshot

May be an image of text that says 'facebook 4:05 Naomi Cook- Former Registered Nurse Remember Event 201? Well now Economic Forum (WEF) will stage another cyber attack exercise continues prep for potential cyber pandemic that founder Klaus Schwab says will be worse than the current global crisis. ...Fake News' Digital Pandemic the Majority of Citizens Are ncapable Thinking Critically." Hmmmmm. NVVIAUMM Policy Prepping acyber TECHNOLOGY GOVERNMENT AND POLICY Prepping for a cyber pandemic: Cyber Polygon 2021 to stage supply chain attack simulation Will Cyber Polygon 2021 be as prophetic as Event 201 in simulating pandemic response? perspective Hinchliffe Polygon cybersecurity pandemic perspective wef comment government'

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