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How many must die from the C…. vaccine until it’s abandoned do you think?


How many must die from the C…. vaccine until it’s abandoned do you think?

By Jamie McIntyre

I’m guessing about 6.5 billion to only 1 billion elites left on the planet (as these morons wrongly think the world is over populated and with robotics and AI coming don’t need human slaves anymore – industrialisation era is over).

Prepare to say goodbye to some of your friends and family in 2021 if you can’t convince them not to take it (or have to look after them as they will be to injured to live without full time medical care).

How many will die of Covid if they don’t take the C… vaccine?




(The tip of the iceberg)

10/26/20, South Korea – Singapore halts flu vaccine use after 48 deaths in South Korea.

12/27/20, Germany, Ansbach – Vaccination in Darmstadt-Dieburg district begins in Asbach – Number of Corona deaths in Darmstadt-Dieburg explodes.

01/01/21, Israel – 4 people died and 240 got COVID-19 in Israel after being injected with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine.

01/04/21, Iceland – 3 deaths after receiving COVID-19 vaccine in Iceland.

01/04/21, Portugal – “Perfectly healthy” 41-year-old pediatric resident dies suddenly after being injected with Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine.

01/05/21, Israel – Israeli woman diagnosed with facial paralysis after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

01/05/21, Canada – 27-year-old Canadian nurse faints and suffers multiple seizures after receiving Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine.

01/05/21, USA – Hundreds sent to emergency room after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

01/05/21, Mexico – 32-year-old Mexican doctor suffers seizures and is paralyzed after receiving Pfizer’s experimental vaccine.

01/06/21, Norway – Norway is investigating the deaths of two people who received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

01/07/21, USA – “Very healthy 56-year-old” Miami obstetrician dies after injection with Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine.

01/07/21, USA – At least 21 Americans have suffered life-threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

01/08/21, Norway – 82-year-old Sola nursing home resident dies one day after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

01/10/21, Israel – Young man develops ‘rare life-threatening syndrome’ after Covid-19 vaccination.

01/10/21, Germany – 10 deaths in Germany within 4 days after Covid-19 vaccination; investigation ordered.

01/11/21, USA – Nurse develops facial paralysis after Covid-19 vaccination.

01/11/21, India – 44-year-old Indian dies after vaccination.

01/12/21, USA, New York – 24 Corona deaths in New York nursing home after vaccination.

01/12/21, Germany – 55-year-old dead 10 days after vaccination.

01/12/21, Israel – Corona explosion after vaccination.

01/13/21, Israel – 75-year-old Israeli woman found lifeless hours after second dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

01/13/21, Germany – 89-year-old dies about an hour after receiving Corona vaccine.

01/14/21, USA, Louisiana – Woman suffers uncontrollable convulsions after receiving experimental Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

01/14/21, USA – Moderna victim, convulsions all over body.

01/14/21, USA – Woman suffers full body convulsions after receiving experimental Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

01/14/21, Germany – Ten people die after Covid vaccination.

01/15/21, Germany – Paul Ehrlich Institute: 7 people have died in connection with vaccination as of 01/10/2021. So far 51 serious vaccination reactions.

01/15/21, France – Severe adverse reactions in 30 cases after Covid-19 vaccination.

01/15/21, France – Man dead two hours after vaccination.

01/15/21, Israel – 4500 Corona infected after vaccination.

01/15/21, France, Nice – 50 dead in home after vaccination.

01/15/21, USA – Public health agency confirms 29 dangerous reactions to CoV vaccine.

01/16/21, Israel – 13 Israelis suffer facial paralysis after receiving Pfizer Covid vaccine.

01/16/21, Germany – Bavaria: Corona outbreak in nursing home after vaccination campaign.

01/16/21: Belgium – 82-year-old dies after vaccination.

01/16/21, Germany – Two elderly seniors die on the same day after vaccination.

01/16/21, France – Male nursing home resident dies 2 hours after Covid vaccination.

01/16/21, Norway – Scandal in Norway’s nursing homes: 23 deaths after Covid vaccinations.

01/17/21, USA – 55 people died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine and 1388 in emergency departments.

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