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From an Australian Nurse


From an Australian Nurse

By Staff Reporter

I’m a nurse in a hospital. I returned to work on Tuesday after being on leave for a few weeks, and in the last 2 days i have seen more patients with COVID vaccine complications than patients with COVID since the whole pandemic started.

I had one patient with clots in the liver/hepatic portal vein, kidneys, and multiple other abdominal clots, causing multi organ failure.

Another patient had clots in her bladder causing complications with her being able to urinate.

I don’t recall seeing these patients on the news either?? And this is only in ONE ward, in ONE hospital. Imagine how much of this is happening without public knowledge.

Most of my coworkers who received the vaccine also report adverse affects, from fever and lethargy to extremely high blood pressure and syncopy.

I absolutely will not be getting the vaccine.

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