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Failing to stop the fraud of the vaccine industry has led us to an economic meltdown due to the Coronavirus scam


Failing to stop the fraud of the vaccine industry has led us to an economic meltdown due to the Coronavirus scam.

By Jamie McIntyre

Could the corrupted vaccine industry and dodgy boy billy gates, destroy our entire global economy over their Coronavirus deception?
View my weekly video for the Australian National Review on the topic of the fraud in the vaccine industry and because we never addressed it years ago, we now face economic collapse because of the Coronavirus scam.
I also wrote a book 4 years ago warning about this industry, called “The Great Vaccine Con”.
I was once a trusting pro vaxxer. I share how my mind was changed to discover this elaborate fraud.
I’m giving it away for free at or is going to give it away to its readers for free to.
Warning this video contains swear words which I’ll apologise for after the fraudulent vaccine injury apologises for all the death and injuries it’s recklessly caused in the pursuit of profits and its dodgy population agendas.

Is it too much to ask for safe, effective and necessary vaccines ?

Appears so

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