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Entrepreneurs need to be true leaders and speak out now about Bs 19 fraud


Entrepreneurs need to be true leaders and speak out now about Bs 19 fraud

By Jamie McIntyre


Here’s what others had to say:

Love your work Jamie 👏💙

You are the best… truth… love it

You need to go on ITV’s good morning Britain and debate dr Hilary. He claims the unvaccinated are causing the variants. Dr Beverley Turner sacked for arguing against with the hosts

Found you on here. Great as always to listen to. Couldn’t agree more 100% to your words.

Love your work. 🙌🙌

Well said again 👏

Greatest commentary on the bs-19, the best.

My mum was booked in, from pressure from my brother who is in the defence forces, I went all in and sent her videos and lots of chats and thank gosh I’ve convinced her not to take it!!!! This is about helping our loved ones, they don’t realise they are brainwashed by the news….
This is the video that made her say no! Our own government and TGA admitting the jab doesn’t protect you from covid nor from spreading it!! Highly recommend sharing this with loved ones

Cyber pandemic “simulation” planned for july, they’ll use that to restrict the Internet every way imaginable, crypto will very likely take the biggest hit.. buckle up

You die with in 28 days of testing positive with covid you died of covid but you die within 24 hours of vacation its not the vax thats how you can tell this is all bs!!!

New low of low here in NZ, the land where the Idiocracy movie has now become a reality show!


FYI COVID- 19 MOH info update coming out today and keep an eye out for NZCOM emails from Alison Eddy soon on this topic.
The Ministry have updated the messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women/people. The following messages will be shared with DHB CEOs this morning and with the public via today’s 1pm media stand up.
The messages are:
· If you’re pregnant, we encourage you to get a COVID-19 vaccine as part of Group 3 at any stage of your pregnancy.
· This is because people who are pregnant can become very sick if they get COVID-19 infection.
· Evidence from the large number of pregnant people who have already been vaccinated globally, indicates that there are no safety concerns with administering COVID-19 vaccines at any stage of pregnancy.
· Vaccinating during pregnancy may also be helpful for the baby, as there is evidence of antibody transfer in cord blood and breast milk, which may offer protection to infants through passive immunity.

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